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Thanks to you Spotlight

Thanks To You Spotlight Recognition Program, Division of Student Affairs


In the spirit of "Thanks to You," the Division of Student Affairs knows the importance of recognizing and rewarding our employees for doing amazing work with our students, one another, and our larger UC Berkeley community. The Thanks to You “Spotlight” Recognition program is just one of the ways to celebrate successes by appreciating one another's talents and contributions.


If you would like to appreciate a colleague in our Division who is "living" the newly adopted UC Berkeley Operating Principles (TOGETHER, INNOVATE, SIMPLIFY, ACCOUNTABLE, SERVICE-ORIENTED), take a moment to publicly recognize that contribution with this simple form.


 These Thanks to You “Spotlight” Recipients will:  

  • be featured on the UC Berkeley Kudos site
  • get highlighted on the SA L&D website as one of our  “Spotlight” recipients
  • receive a token of appreciation from the Division of Student Affairs and Learning & Development
  • be recognized at the annual Thanks to You event on Wednesday, August 13, 2014!


Additionally, please contact L&D if you would like to receive Thanks to You cards to give, as another way to appreciate one another.


We will continue to celebrate with a large employee appreciation event for all Student Affairs staff at Thanks to You, which will be held Wednesday, August 13, 2014! 


Thanks to You Spotlight Recipients

Maria Padilla

Academic Program Coordinator, RSSP


"There isn't time or space to do justice to what Maria does for the Residential Faculty Program. She deeply understands the culture of the faculty and how she can make that culture merge seamlessly with Res. Life. My most recent example is Cal Day. Maria scheduled blocks of time for faculty to chat informally (and efficiently) in small groups with MANY parents and students."


Simon Wong
Lead Custodian, RSSP


“In all the years I have worked with Simon, he has strived to make students’ lives easier and more pleasant in Unit 2. He is efficient, friendly with everyone, and driven in his work. I never had to explain why to Simon-he understood the impact that facilities and maintenance has on our students, even if the students didn't know themselves. He is a fantastic colleague!”


Levi Shanks
Resident Director, Unit 4: Foothill, Bowles, & Stern


“Levi started the tradition of having a day of service in the communities that he works in (Bowles, Stern) and he is working on a leadership and service seminar for the leaders of the Bowles and Stern communities as part of the existing mentor program.”