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Berkeley Staff Experience Program


The Berkeley Staff Experience Program encourages and recognizes Student Affairs staff who participate in the diverse developmental opportunities and unique experiences afforded to us through the University, and as a result of our being located in Berkeley.  Actively engaging in these experiences should be fun, interesting, helpful, build pride and create a greater sense of community.  We believe that the better the staff experience is – the better the student experience will be.  An awesome staff experience = amazing student experience.


Get involved! It’s easy as 1-2-3!


Blue level: Complete two activities in each experience area for a blue level certificate.

Gold level: Complete four in each experience for gold level to get an award. 


To qualify, fill out the experience portion of the brochure by indicating the type of activity and date of completion for each category or fill this ONLINE FORM. Remember—activities must be completed during one academic year! Mail or email completed brochure to Student Affairs Learning & Development Office for your certificate or award!





How long does it take to receive my certificate after I send in my completed form?

A: Certificates are usually printed and mailed within 3 - 4 weeks.

Where do I mail my completed form?

  A: Completed forms should be mailed via university mail to;

 Student Affairs Learning and Development

2610 Channing Way

Can I scan and email my completed form to L&D?

 A: Yes.  Scanned forms can be emailed to: davidatwood@berkeley.edu

Is there a limit of how many times I can complete the Berkeley Staff Experience Program (ex: if I want to complete Berkeley Staff Experience Program during multiple academic years, can I do that?)

   A: You can receive the gold level award once.  However, every academic year you can receive one certificate

            (blue level) when you complete the required number of experiences during that academic year.

Am I able to substitute an experience/activity for one that is listed on the brochure - and still earn a certificate or award?

 A:  Yes, as long as what you do reflects the “intent and spirit” of the experience area. There are so many

            unique experiences at Berkeley it is hard to list them all:)  And, new ones develop every week!


More questions, contact us HERE