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Culture Models and Theories

Community Conversation Model

The community conversation series is the large group method used to design the future culture of Student Affairs. It is composed of three consecutive large-scale conversations.  Each conversation has a distinct agenda, group exercises, presentations, and discussion time. The months between each successive conversation are used to communicate results and gain further input, these sessions are called walkthroughs.”

This model is based on Dick Axelrod's Conference Model which is a methodology to engage large numbers of people in system-wide change through a series of integrated conferences and "walkthroughs." The model consists of three elements: (1) a series of integrated conferences (2) the walkthrough process (3) simple commitments. Conferences create an open exchange of information, increased understanding of the organization, new agreements and actions, and enhanced relationships among participants. 

Organizational Culture Model

Click HERE to watch a short video about the culture change pyramid

Culture Change Process

Perspectives on Culture - Connors & Smith (2002)

Alignment Team