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L&D SERVICES: Transform Your Organization

At Learning and Development, we offer exciting opportunities for employees to become integrated into the larger Student Affairs community and continue to develop their organization at UC Berkeley. From organizational consulting, coaching, leadership assessment, mentoring, and performance management, one will discover that organizational growth and employee engagement is possible at UC Berkeley.


What We Offer

L&D offers a variety of services to help organizations and departments within Student Affairs thrive and continue to develop. We offer the following:


Step 1: Consult

L&D will directly consult with our clients to identify any particular departmental needs and recommend possible next steps.


Step 2: Develop

L&D will collaborate with clients to develop concepts and identify frameworks in order to achieve clients’ goals.


Step 3: Design

L&D will design all details of proposed program (i.e., the agenda, learning/training exercises, future consultations).


Step 4: Deliver

L&D will deliver set program for clients and constituents (i.e., facilitate, train, produce event).


Vender Sourcing:

Services provided will be produced by another on-campus department (i.e., Learning + Organizational Development, Career Counseling Library) or by outside consulting firm (i.e., Mariposa, Disney). 


To learn more about how to transform your organization, please check out all of the services Learning and Development offers: