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Organizational Consulting Resources
L&D Modules
  • Promises, Promises: This highly interactive simulation helps teams to focus on the interdependence needed to build a more collaborative organization; also how to create an environment where needs are openly expressed and met as people deliver results and operate in a way that is consistent with organizational values.
  • Performance Management: We offer a variety of services including: a series of workshops on skills and practices for effective performance management; performance management coaching with managers; and consulting on specific departmental or employee needs. 
  • Employee Engagement Consulting:  Employee Engagement Program uses Gallup's Q12 Employee Engagement Survey to help managers and employees focus on the workplace elements they can directly improve. The Q12 survey measures actionable items that are predictive of attitudinal outcomes such as satisfaction, loyalty, and pride.


Team Building Resources

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Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL): Upcoming Workshops

Available for registration on the UC Learning Center through Blu.

Professional Development Resources

Download the full list of resources with descriptions and enrollment information here.

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Career Development

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

  • StrengthsQuest Assessment

  • Strong Interest Inventory

  • Understanding Your Work Related Values

  • The results Curve-Enhancing Work Effectiveness

  • Taking Action and Moving Forward in Your Career

  • Collaborating in the Workplace

  • Participating in Your Own Performance Appraisal

  • Job Interviewing

  • Cover Letter Writing

  • Resume Writing

  • Career Development Online Workshops

  • Communities of Practice Staff Organizations

  • BSA Mentorship Program

  • Student Affairs Fellowship Program

  • Stay Day Conference


Health and Wellness/Personal Enrichment

  • Financial Wellness

  • Resilience and Renewal

  • Health Matters Wellness Program for Faculty and Staff

  • CARE Services for Faculty and Staff


Job Skills

  • Visio Fundamentals

  • Photoshop 

  • Computer Training

  • STAR 1 Customer Service Training

  • Communication Workshops


Conflict Resolution and Social Justice

  • Multicultural Education Program

  • Conflict Resolution and Competency Classes

  • Dealing with Disputes and Disagreements Workshop 


Management and Leadership Skills

  • Lead Big Manager’s Toolkit

  • KEYS Workshop Series

  • Project Management Workshops

  • Portfolio Management Class

  • Leadership Assessment Program

  • Front Line Leadership Program

  • Senior Leader Onboarding Program

  • Talent Management

  • Change Management Training

  • Existing or Incoming Manager Development

  • Haas Insights Video Series

  • Dean’s Speaker Series

  • Collaborating Effectively in the Workplace

  • Organizational Effectiveness Online Workshops

  • Performance Management Classes


Social Networking and Communication

  • Social Networking Workshop

  • LinkedIn Courses

  • CONNECT Networking Series



  • Promises, Promises Teambuilding Training

  • Retreat Planning

  • Mission, Vision, Values Development


New Employee Resources

  • Go Forth, Go Bears New Employee Onboarding Series

  • New Employee Quick Start Guide

  • Dean of Student New Employee Orientation