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Why onboard senior leaders?

New leaders profit from an onboarding experience that is different from most individual contributors.  Often, they have been told through their selection process how talented they are and how they need to replicate whatever successes they had in their former position. What may have worked in a previous role or organization does not always generate success in their new role. Understanding the new organizational culture, being bombarded with information, meetings and new people can make for a challenging first year in the new position.

Organizations with strong onboarding processes have significantly better employees, retention, productivity levels and employee satisfaction. Revealing statistics about onboarding include:


54% of organizations with a standard onboarding process experience greater new hire productivity


Almost  50% of senior managers fail within 18 months of starting a new job without an effective onboarding experience


Over 50% of new hire senior leaders enter a new organization with a significant blind spot to their leadership abilities


Student Affairs Senior Leader Onboarding program provides new leaders a neutral resource for 1:1 and cohort coaching for professional development and support in navigating a successful path forward to attain their goals. The program also connects new leaders with their peers forming a cohesive group to learn and grow.

Target Audience

This 5-month program is designed for new Student Affairs leaders who have been nominated by their Associate Vice Chancellor. Participants are often directors, assistant/ associate directors and managers with significant scope.


Program Highlights

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Participant Comments

  • "I would describe the onboarding program as rewarding and invaluable."

  • "The 1:1 coaching was phenomenal."

  • "Excellent opportunity to see the future of Berkeley through the eyes of your forward-thinking colleagues."

  • My coach helped me successfully transition to my management/leadership role in my team. I've taken away so many important lessons and learned a lot about myself during my one on one coaching meetings. My coach shared that the skills I had that got me the Associate Director role is not the same skills that I needed to do well in my new role. This was eye opening to me...which is the reason why my one on one coaching was devoted to reflecting on the skills that I needed to acquire to be a good manager. It was great having my coach provide me real time feedback and always kept in mind my goals.



Senior Leader Onboarding – Qualities of the Effective Student Affairs Leader