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Leadership Onboarding


  • Goals/features of the program
  • What are the benefits of it?
  • Quick summary of program
  • Do we have a success story which will lead us to good PR?
  • Any future growth with program/meeting needs of clients and community?
  • Also, what is our L&D story? What do you see as our purpose and fulfilling a need in the Division/Campus?

This is the place we will put words describing the content of this page. There will be words that are long and short. There might even be a series of things one, two, three, or even four items long. We should try to keep this as short as possible because people really don't like to read long sections of text on the internet. But we still need to make sure that we give them enough information that they aren't still looking for answers. Right about here is a good place to end this paragraph.


A list of things:

  • Maybe this is links to resources
  • Or a list of programs
  • Possibly a list of sponsors or presenters
  • It could even be a checklist