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Learning and Development Department Launched

The newly formed Learning and Development department began in June 2012 from a common-good initiative created by the Student Affairs Executive Team. In addition to its manager, L&D hired two new career staff members, as well as two student staff, and began to develop its structure.  With a new team and a lot of demand, L&D began to respond to divisional initiatives and needs. L&D led the development of Student Affairs performance management training, developed a quarterly performance review structure, created a divisional onboarding program, developed a new website and lead many other learning and development initiatives within the Division.


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Student Affairs Senior Leader Onboarding

The Division of Student Affairs and the executive team have envisioned a comprehensive onboarding approach to the University of California, Berkeley, where nuanced opportunities and challenges for senior leaders will be more fully revealed. The goal of this program is to smoothly and effectively transition Student Affairs senior leaders into their roles. Newly hired leaders will learn from those who have already successfully navigated this organization, as well as experts in the field. The Senior Leader Onboarding Program has five main components: 1) Understanding the Qualities of a Student Affairs Leader, 2) Goal Development and Alignment, 3) Networking: Student Affairs Leader Qualities and Operational Success, 4) Coaching, and 5) Leadership Effectiveness Assessment.