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Laura Kocourek

Laura Kocourek

Business Operations Assistant, Student Affairs Business Operations

Fellowship: Survivor Support Resources

Department: Survivor Support/Confidential Advocacy & SV/IPV Prevention Office

"I have been working at UC Berkeley since June 2014. I began as a limited contract employee with the Document Imaging Team of Business Operations. I applied for a full time position and was hired on with the same team as a Business Operations Assistant. I have learned many new skills in this position as I have assisted in the Cashiers Office, the Purchasing Team and continued my support of the Imaging team. In addition to my role in BusOps I also am an active member of the Go Big Staff Initiative, where we work to help create a culture of pride, trust, and community within Student Affairs. As a Bay Area Native I am familiar with Cal but am a Gael at heart. I attended Saint Mary's College of California where I graduated with a BA in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Human Health and Performance. While at SMC I was also a four year varsity student athlete with the women's rowing team. I have coached women's rowing at SMC, UVA, and here at Cal with the club team.

I have been interested in supporting the Survivor Support/Confidential Advocacy & SV/IPV Prevention Office since I heard AVC/Dos Greenwell introduce the department when I was first hired. A well known saying of my Alma mater is "Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve", as a Gael I have taken this to heart in my career aspirations and I feel that this fellowship will be an excellent way of serving the UC Berkeley community. I look forward to working with such a strong, talented and diverse team to help continue to bring the culture and student experience at Cal to the same level as its academics. I am truly passionate about helping others and having the chance to make such an impact on so many students' lives is going to be an amazing opportunity and challenge that I look forward to."

Judy Juarez

Judy Juarez

Resident Director, Residential Education

Fellowship: Survivor Support Resources

Department: Survivor Support/Confidential Advocacy & SV/IPV Prevention Office

"Hi There! My name is Judy Juarez and use she/her pronouns. In my current role as a Resident Director, I oversee two high-rise buildings in Unit 1. I work with an amazing group of student leaders (resident assistants, community leadership assistants, and hall association)  to offer and maintain a safe and inclusive residential environment. In my role, I also work with students who are experiencing difficult moments in life, struggling with emotional wellness, mental health issues and folks who have been impacted by violence to provide support and resources. My student affairs philosophy is to provide quality service to foster and develop student’s personal development and growth with an intentional holistic approach. I am very excited to serve as a Survivor Support Resources Fellow! I am eager to learn and apply methods of holistic healing through the resources and programs that are already being offered. I strongly believe that the work being done in the Survivor Support Office has a large positive impact on survivors and students in general and hope to contribute to the amazing work that is already being done!"

Amber Bundy-Davis

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Amber Bundy-Davis

Fellowship: Survivor Support Resources

Department: Survivor Support/Confidential Advocacy & SV/IPV Prevention Office

“I am a Cal Alum and has worked as professional staff at UCB for the past 2.5 years. I was a coordinator in the LEAD Center before transitioning into the role of Assistant Director in Undergraduate Admissions. I am committed to college access for all students and the wellbeing of those students once they arrive. I have a Master's in Counseling Psychology and hope to one day open my own private practice working with intimate partners, families, parents and individuals affected by intimacy issues including supporting survivors or intimate partner violence, sexual assault and stalking. I get life from serving my community and being a resource to those who are under served. I balance my family life, work in admissions and my advocacy by remaining grounded in my "why" and my mantra: Because my heart says I can, so I will!”    

Elissa Sato

Laura Kocourek

Community Director, University Village Family Housing  

Fellowship: Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives

Department: Dean of Student Office

"Hello! I am the Community Director for Family Student Housing at University Village, where we serve a diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and visiting scholars with families from all over the world. As a fellow in the Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives in the AVC/DOS Office, I am fortunate to build on the work of Finn Schneider and Bears That Care by working on adapting and bringing violence prevention resources to Family Student Housing, as well as on bystander intervention training for staff. I look forward to learning more about violence prevention theories and practice as applied to campus and residential community contexts!"

Maria Dawson

Career Counselor, Career Center

Maria Dawson

Fellowship: Workforce Strategy & Professional Development

Department: Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT)

"Hello! My name is Maria Dawson, I am a Career Counselor in the UC Berkeley Career Center. I work with students in the College of Environmental Design as well as Engineering and Tech students. In my role I counsel students in all aspects of their career development from picking a major to negotiating a job offer and beyond. In addition to helping students prepare for and execute a successful job search, I also help them identify their values, determine how they want to develop themselves professionally, and how to navigate their first career steps. 

I am excited to have this fellowship opportunity with SAIT helping to continue the implementation of their Workforce Strategy and Professional Development Plan. The SAIT Workforce Strategy plan has such a great foundation through the hard work of their professional development committee, leadership that supports the effort, and the assistance and innovative ideas from their previous fellow (shout out to Justin!) I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to come in at this time and learn from the work they have done, the lessons they have learned, and the drive to continue moving this project forward."

Robin Hershkowitz

Manager for Student Initiatives & Special Projects, Residential & Student Service Programs (RSSP)

Robin Hershkowitz

Fellowship: Communications

Department: Student Affairs Communications

"In my eight years at Residential and Student Service Programs, I have been lucky to work in many different roles. As Manager for Student Initiatives and Special Projects, I coordinate the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding for the 500+ student staff that we employ in the residence halls. In addition, I manage the implementation of a two-week intensive training for Resident Assistants. I also manage many department projects, including Move-In, Assessment, and social media. In my role I've been lucky to utilize my strategic, analytical skills to imagine and implement processes that are the most efficient and beneficial to students.

I look forward to working with Student Affairs Communications because it will allow me to learn more about strategic communication in a higher education setting. I've worked primarily with residential students during my time here, and look forward to working on projects that address non-residential students as well. I hope to gain more insight and knowledge about theories and strategies of a professional communications team, as well as how measuring the efforts can influence future work."

Anna Blankinship

Student Leadership & Recruitment, Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT)

Anna Blankinship

Fellowship: Communications

Department: Student Affairs Communications

"I currently manage the student leadership program in Student Affairs - IT, and have enjoyed working in close collaboration with both students and professional staff over the last several years.  In this role, I’ve been able to focus on supporting students’ professional development as well as on creating communications campaigns that resonate with a student audience.  In the SA Communications Fellowship role, I look forward to applying this experience and gaining some exposure to a formal communications environment.  The Fellowship represents a great opportunity to further my own professional development while continuing to make contributions to the SA organization."

Jeff Woods

Senior Coordinator, Campus Activities & Leadership Programs, LEAD Center

Jeff Wood

Fellowship: Change Management

Department: Student Affairs Learning & Development

"In my role, I design, create, provide, and support a variety of leadership programming and activities for students through the LEAD Center.  This translates to helping students through advising, workshops, retreats, and conferences as they explore their values and how those values inform their leadership approaches, identify their top 5 strengths and potentially apply them as they engage in leadership, determine their leadership styles so they can lead authentically, and develop their leadership skills and knowledge.  Additionally, I help organize and support campus wide events, in partnership with a variety of students and staff, that help students to build community and connect with each other while having fun outside the classroom.

As the L&D Change Management Fellow, I’m excited to create a change management toolkit that helps managers create and manage a change process in ways where the staff feel that the change is happening with them and not to them.   The fellowship also provides me with the chance to translate my advising experience and my leadership development expertise to the Learning & Organizational Development field.  Lastly, it’s a great chance to get explore a new field while hanging out with the awesome L&D staff."

Sharri'e Overall

Document Imaging Lead & Interim Purchasing Lead, Student Affairs Business Operations

Jeff Wood

Fellowship: Re-entry Student Program

Department: The Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3)

Sharrié wants to live in a world where she can drink Starbucks all day, (Salted Caramel Mocha w/ 2 add shots blended & caramel around the cup only..to be exact).

As a Document & Purchasing Lead in SA Business Operations, she's been able to feature her talent of juggling competing deadlines, multiple projects, and proof positive that stating "detail-oriented" on her resume was not just fluff. Since working here at Cal she's been apart of the Go Big committee and loves to widen the circle so that everyone can feel a sense of pride, trust, and community. She also works on the Strategic Planning Committee within her on department concentrating on some of the same core values team wide as the Go Big committee is helping to develop Division wide.

When she’s not at work {that is rare and her gchat is always ready if an answer is needed}, you can find her shopping with her daughter Chloe who some call her mini me. Or watching Investigation ID or any show that relates to detective work and having solve crime. As she is currently finishing her last semesters in Criminal Justice Administration (whew) music has become her release after catching up on the demanding assignments she has.

Lastly since she is a reentry student herself the fellowship fit her and it was such a blessing to get to be apart of a department doing such awesome things.

Awesome Sauce!

Fred Smith

Fellowship: Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives 

My name is Fred Smith and I began my professional career in Cal Student Central as an advisor and I am now the supervisor of the unit. I’ve worked at CSC since its opening in 2013. CSC consolidated three legacy offices into one. We serve as the front line service unit for; Financial Aid & Scholarships, Office of the Registrar, and Billing & Payments. During my tenor here at UC Berkeley, I have been afforded many opportunities of professional development, but none quite as paramount as becoming one of the Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives fellows this year. I am delighted and thankful to be able to participate in a fellowship that I am both passionate about and interested in. I aspire to work with staff and senior leaders in developing new initiatives that promote violence prevention and bystander interventions here on campus. I aim to work diligently to help shift the culture of this university and its students to be more safety conscious. I strive to be a positive change agent for the betterment of this university and our student body population.


Joonie Kim

Residential Services Coordinator, University Village Family Housing

Fellowship: LEAD Center and Risk Services

"I have been working at University Village Family Housing for the past six years as Residential Services Coordinator. In this position, I  provide services and programs for not only students but also to the families of students.  Serving this diverse population and creating programs that include a wide range ages, cultural backgrounds and family structures is the common mission that I share with my wonderful partners here at University Village. I am extremely excited about my new role as Fellow in LEAD Center and Risk Services, and looking forward to gaining knowledge and strengthening relationship between Risk Services and Student Affairs. I believe this fellowship experience will help me grow professionally by exploring an area that is crucial in our Family Housing operations while being allowed to contribute my own experience and knowledge in various areas within Student Affairs."

James Kato

Resident Director, Residential & Student Service Programs (RSSP)

Fellowship: Learning & Development

"In my work as a Resident Director here at UC Berkeley, I support students in the creation and maintenance of respectful, inclusive, and vibrant residential communities. I am thrilled to accept the opportunity to partner with the Student Affairs Learning and Development team and colleagues across campus! I look forward to applying my student development experience to work toward enhancing Student Affairs' professional staff onboarding processes; I hope that my work contributes to the preservation and continuation of positive work cultures within Student Affairs. My ultimate aspiration for this work is that it will help us, as UC Berkeley staff, to better serve and support our students."

Krysta Rudnick

Conference Sales Coordinator, Conference Services

Fellowship: Learning & Development

"Hi there! I am Krysta Rudnick, and I have been a Conference Sales Coordinator with the Conference Services department for the past 9 years. Our primary objective is to generate revenue to help support RSSP operations and we do so by selling and coordinating overnight accommodations, meeting spaces, and meals in the dining commons to internal and external guests during the summer months.

As an integral part of the Plan Big Initiative, I am excited to use this fellowship as an opportunity to learn more about the strategic marketing and communications process. I have not had an opportunity to formally study marketing, and I anticipate that by collaborating with the Marketing and Communications liaison I will learn more real-life applications in the medium. Growth in the area of marketing and communications was also one of my personal and professional goals for 2015, so the timing could not be better!

In gaining new insights through this fellowship, my hope is to bring innovative ideas and strategies back to my department. We constantly strive to breathe new life into our sales and marketing efforts as a way to increase our revenue, to provide information to existing clients, or to add a little something extra to the client and guest experience at Cal. Learning how to tap into the needs of our audience will only drive us to be more successful as a unit within Student Affairs."

Marney Randle

Resident Director, Residential & Student Service Programs (RSSP)

Fellowship: Learning & Development

"Hi there! My name is Marney Randle and I am a Resident Director in the Residential & Housing Services Department. In this position, I supervise live-in Hall Staff, adjudicate student conduct cases, advise the Hall Association Student Leadership group, serve in first-line crisis response, and overall support community development within the halls. My professional interests also include multiracial identity development and entrepreneurship in education. I enjoy involvement in professional associations, presenting, and other collaborative endeavors. In my spare time, I love to travel, write, explore new places, and spend quality time with great people!

I am very excited about this fellowship opportunity within Learning & Development! I will be focusing on the experience of current employees within the division, and enhancing ways to build greater awareness and connection to the Cal experience. As a relatively new employee to Cal, I am excited to reflect upon my onboarding experience and help shape future processes. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute ideas, and also learn about new concepts around employee engagement, consulting, and learning & development strategies.

This fellowship will help me develop personally and professionally. It provides me with the unique opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate with various partners within the Division of Student Affairs, which is something I have been striving for since my arrival to UC Berkeley.  I am looking forward to working with new individuals and expanding my awareness of the resources and opportunities at Cal. I am confident the Learning & Development Fellowship will help me gain a new understanding and enhance awareness of my professional capacity in a different Student Affairs functional area."

Anne Xiong

Resident Advisor at University Village, Albany (UVA)

Fellowship: LEAD Center

"I have worked at the University Village for the four years and truly enjoy the experience of serving, supporting and positively impacting academic, personal, and leadership development for students and their families. As a staff Fellow in 2013, I worked at the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office on research and creation of the Bears for Financial Success program. This experience helped clarify my career goals and allowed me to grow professionally. I am super excited to have another fellowship opportunity with the LEAD Center. I look forward to applying my student development experience to work toward creating of resources and training materials that will be used to better assist the LEAD Center professional team in fine-tuning and enhancing the incorporation of student development theory and leadership models into their advising and leadership program development."

 Justin Gomez  

Coordinator for Student Organization Advising and Leadership Development, LEAD Center

Fellowship: SAIT 

"There is the college degree and the college experience. One happens as long as you show up to class, take the tests and make the grades. The other requires you to step out of your comfort zone, live your passions and connect with your classmates. That is where I come in. As a Coordinator for Student Organization Advising in the LEAD Center, I have the incredible opportunity to support UC Berkeley's 900 plus student organizations in their co-curricular endeavors at Berkeley. Advising students on their leadership practice, organizational development and student program planning is something that I find great joy in. As a fellow for Student Affairs IT, I will have the opportunity to support the implementation of the Workforce Strategy Plan. This plan focuses on intentional professional development for all of SAIT's staff, taking development of key IT competencies to a new level. I am incredibly excited to work with an initiative that is building professional development into a staff member's experience and not simply allocating dollars for them to attend a conference or watch a few webinars. Technology is becoming increasingly important in higher education and I look forward to learning more about this critical area of the Division in this fellowship."

Tavares Nichols

Vendor Systems Lead, Portfolio/Program Management Office in Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT)

Fellowship: Public Service Center 

"Having been on campus for less than 2 years, I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few transformational oriented staff members. In my role as the Vendor Systems Lead in SAIT, I have been privileged to be a part of great change in the IT campus environment that is truly historical in creating One IT and centralizing services. I am very happy to have the chance to partake in this Fellowship program and aiding the Public Service Center (PSC) and their staff. I have brought my skills and experiences from SAIT to the team and I have also sharpened my knowledge of public service, customer service and collaboration with students, staff and faculty. My current focus has been to increase and develop alumni relationships with the PSC and to coordinate the Alumni in Residency (AIR) program, while also supporting the staff in their efforts interacting with alumni in keeping with the goals to create a transformative experience for the students. I have expanded my knowledge of Student Affairs and look forward to learning more all while helping all those that I can in creating a great experience for our students, staff and faculty."

Nikki Witt Penwell

Resident Director, Office of Student Development (OSD) in Residential & Student Services Programs (RSSP)

Fellowship: Center for Student Conduct

"As a Resident Director in Residential and Housing Services, my work centers around creating and maintaining supportive and inclusive community within the Ehrman and Wada residence halls. As an RD, I work to help students understand their personal responsibility and the impact they have on others in the community. My work as a fellow for the Center for Student Conduct will allow me to continue engaging students in educational conversations about their decision making as members of the campus community. I look forward to partnering with colleagues across the division as I learn more about how other campus offices intersect with CSC, including Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Organizations, and Academic Affairs. I hope to further develop my skills in navigating complex student situations to promote student's learning and development during their time at Cal."


Julian Ledesma

Interim Director/Academic Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Fellowship: Student Affairs Executive Fellowship

The Student Affairs Executive Fellowship is a unique learning collaboration designed to explore innovations in areas where the work of The Division of Student Affairs and Equity and Inclusion intersect, while providing opportunities for executive level professional development and coaching. This is a 5-10 hour per week fellowship. Exact hours are negotiable with the supervisor, but most will take place 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. ***January 2014 – June 2014 (dates negotiable). Please note that this particular fellowship is a pilot for the VCSA Immediate Office. Future fellowships within this area are TBD and are dependent on availability and resources.

Kun Yang

Resident Advisor at University Village, Albany (UVA) 

Fellowship: LEAD Center and Risk Services

"I worked as a resident advisor at the University Village and just joined the Learning & Development (L&D) team as a coordinator. Being a fellow with L&D last semester was such a positive and life-changing experience. It not only opened my eyes to Division of Student of Affairs, but also strengthened my skills in communication, public speaking, multitasking, and many more. Last year, the fellowship with L&D focused on creating positive work cultures for staff. This year, I am very excited to have another fellowship opportunity with the LEAD center and Risk Services. My goals are to research risk management for Register Student Groups (RSOs); to create events involving minors trainings both in classroom and online; to design risk management online resources as references for RSOs. My hope with this fellowship is to gain more experience on designing trainings and more knowledge on risk management for both students and staff."

James Carroll

Assistant Director, Office of Student Development (OSD) in Residential & Student Service Programs (RSSP)

Fellowship: Student Affairs Learning & Development

"In being a 'Cal Bear' for nine years, it has been an honor to work with so many staff committed to student affairs and serving our Berkeley students. As an Assistant Director for Residential Programs in the Office of Student Development, I have the privilege of being part of a team that is truly passionate about their work and realizing that every day is a new day. I'm really excited to be participating in this Fellowship program and collaborating with the Learning and Development team. Not only am I able to bring my skills and experiences to the work, I have the opportunity to develop knowledge and expertise as I support the strategic plan for the division. My primary area of focus is to support the division's long range plan for career pathing and talent management for our staff. I look forward to partnering with many as we actualize this new vision for learning and development."

Kun Yang

Resident Advisor at University Village, Albany (UVA) 

Fellowship: Student Affairs, Learning and Development

"I am currently a Resident Advisor at the University Village. My job is to provide support to students/scholars and their families to adapt residential life in the Village, solve neighbor conflicts, handle policy violations and organize community events.. The experience working as an RA is an eye-opener for me. I have grown increasingly interest in working in Student Affairs. I would love to expand my knowledge and gain more experience in this field. The Learning and Development (L&D) Fellowship is an invaluable opportunity to learn every aspects of the Student Affairs Division, thus a great benefit for my future career development. As a fellow with L&D for the fall semester, I will be working on a Student Affairs staff networking project. The main goal of this project is to design a sustainable networking event model best fit for employees across the Division. I hope to fully utilize my skills in developing and hosting the networking event to reach out to more employees in the Division. I also hope to learn how the units/departments in the Division of Student Affairs operate and serve the UC Berkeley Community."

Anne Xiong

Resident Advisor at University Village, Albany (UVA)
Fellowship: Financial Aid & Scholarships Office
"As a resident advisor working at the University Village in Albany, I work closely with students and their family members. I truly enjoy the experience of serving, supporting and positively impacting academic, personal, and leadership development for students and their families. In serving as the interim resident director for Davidson and Griffiths Halls this spring, my passion for student affairs has been ignited. This experience promotes me to pursue student affairs as my career. I am super excited for participating in the FASO fellowship program and having the opportunity to learn the day to day practices of working in a financial aid office. I will be working on creating and piloting a peer mentor program focused on financial literacy. My hope with this fellowship is to expand my knowledge about student affairs and to develop a mentoring relationship with senior professionals. I will utilize my experiences with residence life and learning community, and my academic research background to contribute to the peer mentor program that empowers students to make informed financial decisions for now and the future."

Christina Wellhouser

Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Advising and Leadership Development, LEAD Center

Fellowship: Student Affairs, Learning and Development

"As a student affairs professional I am moved by friendship, belonging and connectedness. I help further these ideals in my daily work as a Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Advising and Leadership Development in the LEAD Center. My work as a L&D Fellow this year will allow me to continue building connections and a sense of belonging but on the staff front within the Division of Student Affairs. I will be working on efforts related to employee engagement and front line leader training. I am excited to exercise my passion for thinking differently, innovation and engagement beyond the fraternity and sorority community. I am eager to further develop relationships across the Division as well hone in on my assessment and presentation skills."

Levi Shanks

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities at Dominican University of California

Fellowship: Center for Student Conduct

"I currently serve as the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities at Dominican University of California. At UC Berkeley, I served as a Resident Director for the Bowles and Stern Residence Halls. In that capacity, I worked to create a positive, safe and comfortable environment for our residents and build an atmosphere that allow students grow socially and academically.  I am proud to have worked as part of the Center for Student Conduct (CSC) team this year; this experience definitely helped me attain my new job at Dominican University. While I was at CSC, I broadened my understanding of the conduct process, worked with restorative practices and proposed a new assessment strategy for the department which included devising sanctioning rubric, reflection, guidelines, two assessment instruments, and overview of the process."

Keith Stevenson

Senior Publications Coordinator, Student Affairs Communications and Marketing

Fellowship: Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

"Student success and quality of campus life have been a common thread along my career as a graphic designer and publications professional. My fellowship with EOP has given me the opportunity focus on current student challenges, and consider ways to address these layered demands through my work in communications. I’ve had opportunities to meet with academic counselors, and become familiar with each counselors’ specialties and approaches to working with students. Each student has unique demands, and to learn of various approaches and steps to effective advising has been revealing and rewarding. From observing multicultural competencies, to understanding the realities of work & family commitments, to the complexities of undocumented life, I’ve learned that the vital and cogent family environment of EOP & Ce3 programming speaks to the core of Cal’s mission. It is an ongoing pleasure to learn from the resourceful scholars and dedicated staff that flow in the halls of César Chávez Student Center. The collaboration between myself and those I work with in this fellowship should result in clearer interactions, and improved problem solving towards student achievement."


Roxanne Llamas-Villaluz

Chef at Arizmende Bakery

Fellowship: Office of the Dean of Students Bears that CARE (BTC)

"I work in the Office of Student Development as an Academic Program Coordinator and have enjoyed creating trainings and facilitating learning for students to help train their peers. I will be a Student Affairs Fellow working with the Bears that Care (BTC) program in the Dean of Students unit. One of the projects I will work on is the development of a peer to peer Bears that Care training program. I am quite excited to be able to work with a program whose mission and goal is to provide students with opportunities to create community as active bystanders: “doing something instead of nothing” when they see others being bullied, harassed, or in unsafe environments.  My hope with this fellowship is to gain much more experience with violence prevention programs as well as work on a campus-wide project that I hope becomes a part of the fabric of the UC Berkeley community."

Mónica Reynoso

Student Development and Engagement Coordinator, Incentive Awards Program, (IAP)

Fellowship: Office of the Dean of Students Office, Students of Concern (SOC)

“My fellowship gave me a better sense of understanding of how to best serve students, parents and staff at UC Berkeley. I was made part of a new awesome staff team and my supervisor demonstrated an in depth level of knowledge in her work. I appreciated the training and knowledge I received, and was given the opportunity to research, learn best practices, consult fellowship supervisor on ways to approach cases, and coach GSI’s."

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students

Fellowship: Student Life Advising Services (SLAS)/ Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

"During my time with the Dean of Students department, I have grown increasingly interested in the holistic development of students and began to explore my path towards becoming a Student Affairs practitioner.  As a Cal student I was part of the Student Learning AS/EOP family;  the program made a great impact on my journey and challenged me to broaden my perspective.  When the SLAS/EOP Fellowship came along I jumped at the opportunity because I am ready to give back to the program and its students. As a fellow I will utilize my professional and personal experience to advise current undergraduates towards success and contribute to their mission by providing academic and personal advising to the Summer Bridge 2013 students."

Shannell Thomas

Graduate Student, NYU

Fellowship: Student Life Advising Services (SLAS)/ Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

"The work that I have been able to observe and participate in while at EOP has strengthened my understanding of the student academic and co-curricular experience which, when utilized in concert with my understanding of the student residential experience, gives me a more rounded perspective of the Cal Student's full experience. This new insight will help me as I begin to identify new ways to support the different populations I serve...whether through individual consultations or programmatic activities."


Annalyn Cruz

Organizational Consultant for Student Affairs Learning & Development

Fellowship: Office of the Dean of Students, RSSP Learning & Development

As a staff Fellow in 2009 and 2011, Annalyn worked on infrastructure and research for the Green Dot bystander training program, which led to creation of UC Berkeley's Bears that Care (BTC). In 2011, she also served on the Student Affairs' Employee Engagement Committee and the Manager's Toolkit with RSSP Training and Development.

"I believe that both of my fellowships helped clarify my career goals and allowed me to grow professionally. My network grew tremendously; I was pushed to think outside of my normal day-to-day scope, and the projects that I led helped build the framework for real campus culture change."

Akirah Bradley

Assistant Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Fellowship: Office of the Dean of Students

As a Staff Fellow in 2009, Akirah worked on the infrastructure and research for Students of Concern, which she now oversees.

"The DOS fellowship gave me the opportunity to explore, research and eventually help to implement a campus initiative related that blends student affairs, case management, risk/crisis management to best support at-risk students. It gave me the foundation to be confident and have the background knowledge for my current position as the Assistant Dean of Students."

Judith Fendel

Project Manager in Business Marketing Communications, Kaiser Permanente Corporate Program Offices

Fellowship: Office of Student Development/RSSP - Business Partnerships

As a staff Fellow with RSSP and OSD, Judith worked with corporate sponsors to enhance the experience of residential students at Cal. She is now working with Kaiser to support b2b marketing efforts for Kaiser's ongoing workforce health, occupational health, and total health initiatives.

"I feel my experience as a SA Fellow solidified my interest in project management and business development. It also allowed me to formally restructure my job responsibilities in to gain the types of experiences that helped me obtain my new job at Kaiser. It really pushed my career forward at Berkeley and beyond."

Kristin Delo

Resident Director, Clark Kerr Campus

Fellowship: Center for Student Leadership-Fraternity/Sorority Life 

"Hello Cal! I work with the students living at the Clark Kerr Campus, including the students in the Global Environment Theme House (GETH). I first came to Cal as an ACUHO-I intern and was lucky enough to return full time. I earned my M.Ed. in College Student Personnel from Ohio University, and my Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech. (Go Hokies!) In my free time, I love to read, eat, travel and explore the Bay Area. I also teach women’s self defense. "

Leslie Meyer Peek

Career Adviser, UC Davis

Fellowship: Career Center Global & First Year Initiative Fellowship