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2016-2017 Fellowships 

We are currently seeking Student Affairs Fellows for Fall 2016-Spring 2017. The following Fellowships will take place between November 2016-May 2017.

1. CE3 UC Academic Advising Conference Fellow

UC Berkeley will host the UC System-wide Academic Advising Conference in May 2017. The fellow will support various aspects of conference coordination including working closely with conference co-chairs.

2. CE3/EOP Augmented Admissions Yield Efforts Fellow

CE3/EOP have received funding to increase their presence in admissions yield for 2017. The fellow will support augmented yield efforts including implementation of the strategic plan, coordination of the yield webcasts, CE3 yield programming and event planning, communication and outreach, and analysis.

3. CE3 Media and Communication Fellow

In Spring 2017, CE3 will expand to include an additional eight equity student support units. The fellow will support the development of a “rebrand” communication and marketing plan including contributing to hard-copy material, video, and social media design. 

To view more details about the fellowships and apply, download descriptions or visit the APPLY page.