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We are always open to new ideas and continue to transform our employees' experience at UC Berkeley. We believe that staff development, learning programs and networking opportunities enrich the lives and experiences of employees and students alike. We welcome you to view our website and find out about what we are currently doing and plans that we have for the future.



About Us at L&D...


Who We AreL&D Staff


Learning and Development (L&D) offers a wealth of programs, events and opportunities designed specifically to enhance professional development and by so doing, enrich the student experience.


What We Offer


L&D offers a variety of services to help organizations and departments within Student Affairs thrive and continue to develop. We offer the following:


Step 1: Consult

L&D will directly consult with our clients to identify any particular departmental needs and recommend possible next steps.


Step 2: Develop

L&D will collaborate with clients to develop concepts and identify frameworks in order to achieve clients’ goals.


Step 3: Design

L&D will design all details of proposed program (i.e., the agenda, learning/training exercises, future consultations).


Step 4: Deliver

L&D will deliver set program for clients and constituents (i.e., facilitate, train, produce event).


Vender Sourcing:

Services provided will be produced by another on-campus department (i.e., Learning + Organizational Development, Career Counseling Library) or by outside consulting firm (i.e., Mariposa, Disney). 



At L&D We Believe...

  • That our work engages staff in ways that encourage creative thinking and innovative solutions.
  • That the training and learning opportunities we provide positively impact the future of our staff, students, and the campus community.
  • That we prepare our employees for the future, both in Student Affairs, and wherever their careers take them.
  • That staff contributions need to be recognized, appreciated, and valued.


Exciting Announcements:

  • The Division of Student Affairs is proud to announce all of our team members who have won a distinguished award! 


  • Annalyn, Erin and Lance became certified in ASTD's Talent Management program. 
  • The Stay Day Conference was held on Tuesday, May 28th. To learn more about Stay Day, click here. Stay Day was also featured in the UC Berkeley News Center!
  • The L&D team was certified in "Promises, Promises," a teambuilding training that helps organizations achieve individual, team and organizational goals through trust building, open communication and common purpose.