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At every partner high school, there is at least one staff person who collaborates throughout the year with the Incentive Awards Pre-collegiate Academy on outreach, the selection process, and assisting individual Scholars. These dedicated principals, teachers, deans, and counselors are working hard to help students pursue a college education and they have been invaluable in making the Incentive Awards Pre-collegiate Academy a success. While there are countless people at each school whom we applaud for their efforts on behalf of their students, listed below are the primary coordinators at each of the 22 schools currently participating in the program who have made the partnership between the Los Angeles Unified School District and UC Berkeley a permanent reality in their high schools.


Schools Principal Counselor/Coordinator
Banning High School Robert Lopez Ana Marie Lopez
Bell High School Onofre Di Stefano Loretta Hultman
Belmont High School Gary Yoshinobu Ella Roberts
Canoga Park High School Pamela Hamashita Suzette Rosso
Carson High School Kenneth Keener Honey Koletty
Cleveland High School Robert Marks Suzette Rosso
Crenshaw High School Richard Mattingley Gloria Taylor
Dorsey High School George Bartleson Alison Gordon
Franklin High School Luis Lopez Maria Soldevilla
Fremont High School Larry Higgins Aurora Martinez
Garfield High School Michael Summe Deborah Head
Hollywood High School Jaime Morales Judy Campbell
Huntington Park High School Raul Correa Erica Castaneda-Navarro
Jefferson High School Juan Flecha Esther Walling
Jordan High School Stephen Strachan Kelly Gilmore
Manual Arts High School Stuart Bernstein Roz Mayfield
Monroe High School Jose Ayala Brooke Vimtrup
Roosevelt High School Sofia Freire Burgandie Montoya
San Fernando High School Kenneth Lee Harold Soo Hoo
Washington High School Athaur Ullah Connie Bessman-Natt
Wilson High School Robert Martinez Elsa Gutierrez-Aviles



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