Residential and Student Service Programs (RSSP)


Cal Housing


Enhanced customer experience was the operational initiative for Housing in 2014. The year kicked off with a revamped, user-focused website, which launched in January. Next, Housing focused on improving move-in/move-out experiences. Staff implemented time slots that reduced congestion and streamlined the move-in process. Housing then collaborated with Residence Hall Assembly (RHA), Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), and Residential and Student Service Programs (RSSP) to pilot a Sunday move-out day to accommodate students who had the last final time slot and to provide more options for flight arrangements.




Cal 1 Card


As of fall 2014, incoming students are able to submit their own student ID photos online, which has reduced the average Cal 1 Card distribution time for each CalSO session cohort (~400 students) from 2 hours down to 30 minutes per session. As of spring 2015, in an effort to identify and unify all types of students, incoming and continuing University Extension Concurrent Enrollment students now also receive Cal 1 Cards to access Library Services, Cal Dining Meal Plans, RSF memberships, on-campus door readers, and more.


Early Childhood Education Program


In response to growing demand for infant and toddler care, ECEP opened the Dwight Way Infant Toddler Center in August 2014 at full capacity, and welcomed a cohort of 18 infants and 24 toddlers. The modern facility is Silver LEED certified, and has increased the overall enrollment percentage at ECEP to 90 percent. In addition, ECEP continues to be a recognized leader in the field of early childhood education, receiving a $200,000 donation to work closely with a Peruvian education company to assess and restructure its Early Years curriculum. In collaboration with Professor Alison Gopnik, the Lawrence Hall of Science, the Institute of Human Development, and other UC faculty, ECEP is training Peruvian master teachers in our theory and practice of early childhood education and conducting follow-up assessments. In addition, ECEP is collaborating with numerous campus partners to create groundwork for a Global Center for Early Learning and Development, with a new interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program that will launch in fall 2016.

Enterprise Operations

Cal Dining 

(Includes Catering & Concessions)


Compared to the year prior, Cal Dining increased revenue by 31 percent ($864,000), increased the number of meal plans sold by 20 percent, handled more than 2,500 more events, and served more than half a million more customers. In addition, Cal Dining continues to be an innovative leader in locally sourced, organic, healthy, sustainable food, partnering with the UC-wide Global Food Initiative, improving food security on campus and in the community, and attaining national recognition for the “extreme local” Food Day menu and for delicious, healthy and sustainable foods.


Residential & Housing Services: Programs & Operations 


Strong partnership across the division made Move-In easier for new students and their families, including creation of a Guidebook App specific to Berkeley Move-In and Getting Your Bearings welcome events. The team earned an ACPA National Award and a COSA Team award. A New Residential Code of Student Conduct gave a fresh, streamlined design to material that’s critical for residents in university housing.


Guided by the Community Development Plan, the Residential Education staff, and especially the Resident Assistants, strive to interact with each resident to help them individually connect to the campus community. To facilitate this process, Resident Assistants completed approximately 5,000 hours of one-to-one engagement with residential students each semester last year.

Conference Services

Conference Services


Conference Services once again outpaced projections and saw an astounding 14 percent increase in conference-generated revenue as compared to the prior year. Conference Services continues to be recognized with multiple individual awards, as well as ongoing team certification as a One-Stop Shop through the Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors International. This certification means UC Berkeley is recognized as a leader in the field.