Admissions & Enrollment



Office of Undergraduate Admissions 


Berkeley received a record number of applications for undergraduate admission in 2014. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions staff reviewed 96,100 total applications: 78,900 freshman and 17,200 transfer. The admit rate consequently dropped to a historic low of 15.1 percent, down from 17.4 percent the previous year. To meet the increased numbers, Admissions spent the last year working with faculty, reviewing the application process. One outcome of this partnership, to be implemented in fall 2015, gives freshman applicants the option of submitting up to two letters of recommendation with their application. This translates into an opportunity for applicants to bring powerful information about the unique qualities that make them outstanding candidates. UC Berkeley will be the first UC campus to incorporate letters of recommendation in the application process (however, students who apply to multiple campuses may find that each campus has a process for collecting additional information, such as part of Augmented Review).

Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Scholarships


In addition to disbursing over $675 million of student financial support, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office recruited a record number of Regents’ and Chancellor’s scholars, including Berkeley’s highest percentage of underrepresented scholars to date. Other staff achievements included: expanding the financial literacy peer mentorship program, Bears for Financial Success, and successfully launching its first Financial Literacy Day; creating the Student Advisory Committee on Financial Aid and Education, which gives students with a unique opportunity to provide confidential advice to senior campus administrators about financial aid, affordability, and financial literacy; successfully implementing the state's new Middle Class Scholarship program; and developing new outreach material, including a video that features student stories about their financial aid experience.

Cal Student Central

Cal Student Central 


The biggest and best innovation for Cal Student Central this past year has been strengthened cross-departmental partnerships. CSC provided both the Educational Opportunity Program and University Health Services with licenses for a customer-relationship management product. Using this platform, each department is able to approach advising holistically, integrating all information from a student that’s in the system. CSC also worked with the College of Letters and Science to collaborate more closely on academic advising matters; thanks to this partnership, students from the campus’s largest college now better understand the administrative processes and ramifications related to academic performance, withdrawals, and other academic-advising matters. CSC also implemented a student satisfaction survey, which showed upwards of an 85 percent satisfaction rate and garnered useful feedback that will result in continuous service enhancements. 

Berkeley Bulletin

Office of the Registrar


Support became the theme for Office of the Registrar in 2014-15. To help prospective and current students understand the range of academic opportunities offered on campus, Registrar staff helmed two major projects: the Berkeley Academic Guide and Campus Classrooms. The Guide (, launched in its current format last year, harnessed technology to showcase all courses and departments; students now can search interactively all the majors, minors, and degree program offerings. Campus Classrooms sought to improve the “brick-and-mortar” experience by improving the physical environment, using classrooms to support pedagogical changes, and working with Educational Technology Services to add more active learning classrooms. Finally, Registrar staff received support with several initiatives, implemented with the help of Learning and Development, designed to engage and instruct staff, with a view to considering the future needs of the department and campus.