Highlights for Student Affairs Strategic Priority: Service
Goals: Enhance program services and delivery; leverage technology

Cal Student Central

Innovative Tech Solutions Help Cal Student Central Serve Students

At Cal Student Central, a small team of cross-trained student services professionals served more than 36,000 students in person, over the phone, and via online question submission over the last year. Dedicated to transforming the administrative student experience, Cal Student Central also implemented innovative technological solutions, such as a Salesforce ticketing system and the QLess Virtual Queuing System, to work with its partner offices and track issues, cut wait times, and improve service despite the high volume of requests.

Berkeley Bulletin

Office of the Registrar Launches Groundbreaking Programs

Innovation was the theme in the Office of the Registrar, which launched a number of programs that were the first of their type on campus and among peers nationwide. During the past year, the Office of the Registrar advocated greater inclusion by offering students a preferred name option; designed a student-staffed classroom stewardship program that saved more than $40,000 annually in damage costs; initiated a cutting-edge framework for managing curriculum, rebranding the general catalog as the Berkeley Bulletin; and implemented online verifications of enrollment.


Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) Delivers In-Room WiFi

In-room Wi-Fi has been top of the residential student wish list for years—and last year SAIT granted that wish by expanding wireless service to all residence hall rooms and common residential areas, including Maximino Martinez Commons. This achievement, which benefited more than 7,000 students, came about through the strategic partnering of SAIT, RSSP, IST Telecommunications, and AT&T. In summer 2014, Wi-Fi will expand into student apartments at Channing-Bowditch, Manville, and Jackson House. 

Student Conduct

Center for Student Conduct Streamlines Handling of Sexual Misconduct Cases

The Center for Student Conduct created an Interim Sexual Misconduct Policy that: a) brings the adjudication of these complex cases into compliance with new federal guidance and legislation; b) streamlines the handling of these cases; and c) grants sexual misconduct survivors equal rights to case information, appeals, and support/assistance within the conduct process.

Enterprise Operations

Enterprise Operations Saves Cal Dining $300,000+ Annually

Five million meals, 300-plus catering events, 20,000 issued cards, and $12 million in summer revenue. These are among the astronomic numbers Enterprise Operations handled in 2013 for residential dining and campus restaurants; Cal Catering and Athletics Concessions; Conference Services; and the Cal 1 Card. While managing these services, Enterprise Operations launched an IT project calculated to save Cal Dining in excess of $300,000 annually and implemented three new sales and event tracking systems. 

Fiance Group

Finance and Administration Streamlines, Joins Metrics Project

Finance and Administration integrated all finance functions into a single office with the goal of providing timely and accurate financial analysis to support divisional decision-making and strategic planning. The office also joined the Strategic Planning and Metrics Project pilot group to develop a framework for Student Affairs to measure progress toward divisional strategic goals.