Admissions & Enrollment


Office of Undergraduate Admissions Builds Community Access to Cal

Community was the byword in Admissions for 2013. To connect underrepresented students to campus support, Admissions sponsored brochures for Berkeley’s African American, Chicano/Latino, and Native American populations. For newly admitted students visiting campus, Admissions created a half-day “admitted student experience,” an informal opportunity to get to know Berkeley. Admissions and Financial Aid joined forces to give out-of-state Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship candidates in-person, one-on-one interviews with faculty, and also hosted counselors who recommended these superlative out-of-state applicants. 

Cal Student Central

Innovative Tech Solutions Help Cal Student Central Serve Students

At Cal Student Central, a small team of cross-trained student services professionals served more than 36,000 students in person, over the phone, and via online question submission over the last year. Dedicated to transforming the administrative student experience, Cal Student Central also implemented innovative technological solutions, such as a Salesforce ticketing system and the QLess Virtual Queuing System, to work with its partner offices and track issues, cut wait times, and improve service despite the high volume of requests.

Financial Aid

Financial Literacy, Food Assistance, Web Projects Highlight Financial Aid Year

In addition to disbursing more than $650 million of student financial support, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office processed a record number of Regents' and Chancellor's scholars; established a campuswide financial literacy workgroup and peer mentorship program; created the Food Assistance Program for students in need; automated the emergency loan process; and launched a new website that garnered 150,000 visits per month in its first three months.

Berkeley Bulletin

Office of the Registrar Launches Groundbreaking Programs

Innovation was the theme in the Office of the Registrar, which launched a number of programs that were the first of their type on campus and among peers nationwide.  During the past year, the Office of the Registrar advocated greater inclusion by offering students a preferred name option; designed a student-staffed classroom stewardship program that saved more than $40,000 annually in damage costs; initiated a cutting-edge framework for managing curriculum, rebranding the general catalog as the Berkeley Bulletin; and implemented online verifications of enrollment.

Additional Highlights

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

  • Multiple team members presented at conferences this year, including the National Association of College Admission Counselors (Toronto), the College Board National Forum (NYC), National Association of International Educators (San Diego), all UC-sponsored conferences, and specialized conferences that address student diversity.
  • Mecca Shakoor received a Master's Degree in Education from Holy Names University, Oakland.
  • Stefan Montouth, is earning a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Cal State University, East Bay; he expects to finish in early 2016.
  • Aurelia Long is earning a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership at Cal State University. East Bay.
  • Kristine Lee is earning a Master of Arts in Organization and Leadership from the School of Education at the University of San Francisco. She plans to graduate in May 2015.
  • Assistant Director Jose Cordero received the Ned Tibby Award and presented at the Western Regional College Board Forum in February. The Ned Tibby Award celebrates an outstanding member of the College Board summer institute who demonstrates a commitment to the aspirations and the values of admissions work.

Cal Student Central

  • Carmen Ortiz received an Excellence in Management Award

Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

  • Claudia Montesano presented on a panel about financial aid on Oakland local public access television and presented a joint session on innovative financial literacy efforts at the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Conference in June 2014.
  • Silvia Marquez  and Carol Takao presented on partnerships with academic advisors in assuring student success at Stay Day and at NACADA.
  • Cruz Grimaldo, and the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, received an Undocually award for work supporting the Dreamer community.
  • Cruz Grimaldo and Rachelle Feldman presented two workshops at the Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) national conference.
  • Rachelle Feldman serves on the executive board of the National Direct Student Loan Coalition. She also is a member of NASFAA's Federal Issues Committee and chaired NASFAA's task force on negotiated rulemaking. In these roles she regularly visits Washington, D.C. to advocate at the Department of Education and on Capitol Hill for better financial aid policies and regulations.
  • Assistant Director Jennifer French has been accepted into the College Board's Enrollment Leadership Academy for 2014-15.

Office of the Registrar

  • The Office of the Registrar and the Academic Senate’s Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI) co-sponsored the development and implementation of a new course management system. Since its launch in March 2013, 109 academic units have adopted the new system. The core implementation team for the project was selected for a 2014 Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award.