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Student Affairs Information Technologies

The Division of Student Affairs is in the process of consolidating technological resources and support into a shared services center called Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT). This shared services center will provide additional value to business units by delivering increased functionality, and to technical units by identifying available efficiencies and providing greater alignment of IT operations with the core mission of the division. Student Affairs' leadership is uniquely positioned and has the primary responsibility, expertise, and domain area knowledge to best understand and serve UC Berkeley’s students. A divisional approach to IT supports the work of Student Affairs through greater automation, better online student services, and improvements to the overall student experience.

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Using Technology to Transform the Student Experience

To enhance program services and delivery, Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT) performed a “post-implementation” audit of the organization—focusing on people, processes, and tools—and worked with the Student Affairs executive team to refine the organization based on the consultant’s report, recommendations, and benchmarking. SAIT also integrated the Student Information Systems (SIS) team into SAIT to strategically align all core technology efforts that affect students, performed an Organizational Readiness Assessment in preparation for the campus SIS Replacement Project, and developed a comprehensive security education and training program for all divisional staff about privacy, security, and student data issues.

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SAIT and RSSP Partner on Long-Term Infrastructure Plan

Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT), in partnership with Residential and Student Service Programs (RSSP), is developing a long-term infrastructure plan that includes physical infrastructure, electronics, space, and lifecycle management (which includes electronic door access, cable television, WiFi/AirBears, Ethernet data network, cellular service, video, traditional phone service, blown fiber, and more). SAIT also completed the build-out of the physical space for the co-located Student Information Systems (SIS) project team at 1950 University Avenue and developed a long-term plan for location of all SAIT applications teams.

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Technology Roadmap for the Future of UC Berkeley 

Student Affairs is leading the Student Information Systems (SIS) replacement effort, working with the CIO and other campus partners. Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT) expanded its portfolio management approach and developed a disciplined multiyear technology planning process (including a Divisional Technology Plan), along with an integrated approach to the SIS roadmap planning. SAIT also completed a preliminary Student Information Systems roadmap and began implementing the first phase of the SIS projects. In addition, SAIT worked to consolidate technology, tools, and systems such as ticketing, Client Relationship Management (CRM), and events management systems to leverage campus standards and practices.

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Residential Computing: Gaining Technology Skills and Lifelong Connections 

Student Affairs Information Technologies (SAIT) is partnering with the Development Office of Student Affairs (DOSA) to formalize and strengthen affinity groups and expand participation in Residential Computing (ResComp) Alumni. The aim is to expand and make more visible the SAIT student technology leadership model and to actively engage student government leaders, the Student Technology Council, and student advisory bodies in the rollout and design of new student information systems.  By furthering students' technology skills and leadership abilities, and actively engaging ResComp alumni in the technology sector to develop professional internships and to recruit students for technology careers at their companies, SAIT and DOSA are helping students join a strong professional network that has lifelong connections.  Read more