2013-14 Annual Report - Content Gathering Form


Please fill out each section. All content is due TUESDAY, JUNE 3. You are encouraged to use existing reports you generate to fill out this information (summaries for the Dirks/Steele briefing documents, budget narratives, strategic priorities, metrics project, etc.). We will occasionally prompt you for a specific area but you are not limited to only using that information there. For example, you can use content from your budget narrative in section 6 but you may also choose to use it as an example of a challenge you overcame in section 3. In general, make sure to include your innovative work as well as details about trade-offs you've had to make - how have you assessed your activities and stopped certain ones to prioritize others. NOTE: many of the examples used are purely fictional or borrowed from other items and are meant to convey the length and level of detail only.