GO BIG! Staff Initiative


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What’s the GO BIG Staff Initiative?

The GO BIG Staff Team consists of Student Affairs managers and staff who are committed to enhancing the culture of the division. The team will ultimately recommend staff initiatives and priorities that will lead us to the aspirational state over time: to foster a high potential and cohesive culture based on the shared purpose and values in which staff feel a deeper and more engaging sense of connection to the people, leaders, and ultimately to the core purpose and values of their work, in Student Affairs and the University overall in service of our students.

  • The LEAD BIG Online Toolkit provides culture building and performance management tools for managers and supervisors.  The resource provides learning modules that reflect industry best practices and information catered towards our Division. Features include: self-assessment, customized learning, articles, videos,  actionable exercises, and "just-in-time" learning.
  • The GO BIG Blog is a go-to resource for  tips, trends, and news related to our culture work.
  • The Go BIG  LinkedIn group is a great place to share culture related articles and discussions.



Watch our video honoring Student Affairs staff member Mark Kinnard, presented at the 2015 Student Affairs State of the Division:



See the highlights of GO BIG's First Community Conversation, held on October 5, 2015 at Clark Kerr Campus:



See the highlights of GO BIG's Second Community Conversation, held of February 1, 2016 at the ASUC Student Union's Pauley Ballroom:

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