Go Big Senior Leader Alignment Meeting

Go Big - Pride, Trust, Community, It Starts With You!

Go Big Senior Leader Alignment Meeting



Dear Colleagues:


The Fall semester is almost upon us and I am looking forward to seeing you all on August 13th for the Go Big senior leader alignment meeting with Great Place to Work.


Developing a supportive and cohesive culture is a priority for the Division and will help us prepare for many of the upcoming developments we are facing. The creation of the Student Affairs Master's Program and the monthly Coffee with Colleagues have been initial achievements from this effort but there is more foundational work to be done. We all play a vital part in shaping our community. I am looking forward to understanding the different roles and attributes we as leaders can leverage to move this priority forward.


Focusing on our culture elevates all of us to achieve more, feel more satisfied, and create exceptional service for each other and our students. This is a first step of many more. This is not doing more, this is doing different.


Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday!


Harry Le Grande
Vice Chancellor
Division of Student Affairs