GO BIG Email: Save the Date for Community Conversations

Go Big - Pride, Trust, Community, It Starts With You!

Attention Student Affairs Managers:

  • Encourage your staff to take our GO BIG Culture Survey and be entered to win great prizes!
  • Please save the date for both you and your staff team members' calendars for upcoming Community Conversations.



Encourage Your Staff to Take the GO BIG Culture Survey!

Dear Student Affairs Managers,

The GO BIG Staff Initiative Team is asking for your help in creating an awesome work environment. There will be special prize drawings featuring Amazon and Starbucks gift cards to 16 randomly-selected lucky winners, and a CREAM ice cream party for the first department with five people to complete this survey!

Please share our ten minute survey with your staff. Responses will be used to understand the current state of pride, trust, community, equity and inclusion in the division's work culture.

Click these links to take the survey online:

In addition, paper forms will be available in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese at:

  • RSSB first floor front desk
  • Unit 1 front desk
  • Unit 2 front desk
  • Unit 3 front desk
  • Foothill break room
  • Clark Kerr break room
  • CrossRoads
  • Cafe 3 break room
  • Foothill dining break room
  • Clark Kerr dining break room
  • University Village Albany break room

The deadline for this survey is Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The GO BIG Staff Initiative Team

The mission of GO BIG is to create a work culture of pride, trust, and community in the Division of Student Affairs at UC Berkeley. Click here to learn more.


Save the Date: GO BIG Community Conversations

The GO BIG Staff Initiative is hosting a series of three Community Conversations beginning this September 23. Community Conversations consist of three large events based on an ideal future state, where we currently are, and how we can sustain a culture aimed at achieving our broader goals. GO BIG strives to create a working environment for staff that is based on the elements of pride, trust, and community.

Student Affairs managers: Please mark these dates and times on your team's calendars!

  1. Vision Conversation, September 23, 2015, 8am - 5pm
  2. Advance Conversation, December 2, 2015, 8am - 5pm
  3. Design Conversation, February 3, 2016, 8am - 5pm

These events will be held at the Clark Kerr Campus. We will have more details available as we approach each Conversation, but we want to get these reserved on your calendars as soon as possible!

In addition, we will be reaching out across Student Affairs to gather feedback from those staff members most interested in participating in these Conversations. Space is limited, and we will work to make sure we get a diverse array of staff representing all Student Affairs units.


The GO BIG Staff Initiative Team


Why Does GO BIG Matter?

Click here to watch a video from the GO BIG Staff Initiative Team.