GO BIG: AVC to Supervisor Email

Go Big - Pride, Trust, Community, It Starts With You!




Dear ___________,


Your team member[s] [NAMES] [has/have] been selected to shape the future Student Affairs Work Culture. Staff were chosen by lottery based on Richard Axelrod’s engagement principle to “Promote Fairness" and transparency. This process ensures that diverse and representative SA staff voices are heard. I know that as a manager within (insert designated Unit--RSSP/DOS/A&E/VCSA/SAIT), you play a critical role in influencing staff participation. Thus, I ask you to encourage selected staff to attend the Community Conversation series. I understand that this may pose challenges to work coverage. Your support and accommodation for staff engagement is appreciated as the Division dedicates time and resources toward building a great work culture.


The GO BIG 3-part Community Conversation series will be held on:

  • October 5, 2015: Vision Conversation
  • December 2, 2015: Advance Conversation
  • February 3, 2016: Design Conversation


The Community Conversation events are four-hour long events where staff will:

  • Discover attitudes and beliefs that drive the workplace culture
  • Create an arena in which co-workers of all classifications, titles and job descriptions can redesign our work experiences and prioritize organizational values
  • Shift thinking about beliefs through a process of rotating conversations


The outcome of this co-creative design process will generate core organizational values that will guide future behavior and move Student Affairs closer to becoming the employer of choice in the Bay Area by 2025!


Please note that they are registering for ALL THREE EVENTS for either a morning or afternoon slot. Contact Nicole Witt Penwell at nwitt@berkeley.edu if they have a conflict with one of the dates/times listed and she will try to accommodate those staff on a case by case basis.


Thank you,

AVC _____________


The mission of the GO BIG staff initiative is to create a work culture of pride, trust, and community in the Division of Student Affairs at UC Berkeley. Click here to learn more.