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The Public Service Center's Priorities

Through more than 50 programs that complement classroom learning– including internships, courses and trainings, intensive leadership development, and service learning – the Public Service Center prepares students for the lifelong pursuit of positive social change, while making a significant impact here and now. The Public Service Center partners with faculty and community members to help students:

  • Address the impacts of poverty locally and nationally by participating in year-long and summer internships in the Bay Area, New Orleans and Washington DC
  • Lead their own self-initiated service projects to address community needs around the world
  • Close the racial achievement gap in Berkeley and Oakland public schools
  • Engage in service learning and community-based research by connecting theory to practice
  • Develop professional and practical leadership skills
  • Explore careers in public service

The Public Service Center is also a critical resource for faculty and graduate student instructors, assisting them with funding as they develop community-based research projects and courses that enrich the entire academic community.


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