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Our Plan

The strength of Cal debate derives from the exceptional quality of its students. UC Berkeley will never have the resources available to teams at affluent private universities—who can and do hire small armies of assistant coaches, or offer prestigious post-graduate teaching positions to coaches —and so instead the team must draw upon the intellectual strength and competitive spirit of the Cal student community.

However, rising tuition fees threaten Cal Debate’s ability to attract the best and brightest students. Highly talented debaters without the means to pay UC Berkeley tuition are looking to other universities—ones that can offer them scholarship assistance. We believe that the new Cal Debate Scholarship will provide the necessary leverage to convince skilled high school debaters with financial need to come to Cal and compete for a national championship. As a program, we firmly believe that academic debate is not just a pastime for the elite, but essential training for an informed citizenry. This scholarship will enable us to train more students, including young people who might otherwise be unable to afford to attend a university like Berkeley.


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Mark Lachman
Senior Development Officer
Campaign for Lower Sproul and Student Life
2087 Addison Street, 2nd Floor
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