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Ten years ago, Cal Debate experienced a resurgence when a small but committed group of Cal Debate alumni and friends came together to rebuild the excellence of the team. Their philanthropic support helped recruit a nationally recognized coaching staff. Thanks to their business acumen, they were able to identify new income streams, which Berkeley’s coaching staff further developed. With that support, Cal Debate’s ranking has experienced a meteoric rise, soaring from obscurity to an established position as one of the top 10 teams in the nation, including several years as #1.

In the last decade, Berkeley has won every national invitational tournament at least once, and participated in the final elimination debate of the National Debate Tournament twice. Prof. William Southworth esteemed national survey of the nation’s top 40 debate programs voted two Berkeley students, one coach and two teams into the top ten “Best of Decade.” Recent alumni have gone on to top-ten law schools and accepted prestigious corporate posts at high tech giants, global legal firms, and served as civilian advisors to the United States military and State Department.

With its foundation established, Cal Debate is ready to take the next step in its development.

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