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Cal students have already made a long-term financial commitment to renovate Lower Sproul Plaza, agreeing to pay higher fees that will result in a revitalized student union on campus. The ASUC will sit at the student union’s center and build on the momentum of capital improvements by injecting creative programming into the project. The following are some examples:

Arts Initiative: The Art Studio is a chronically over-enrolled and hugely popular resource on campus. By expanding its programming, more students and members of the community can benefit from arts instruction. Funding to offset costs can help keep programs affordable. And support from donors like you can help enhance the current space or renovate a new location.

ASUC Stipends: Comparable institutions across the country offer stipends to elected officials, in recognition of their service to the student body and campus community. Awarding stipends to elected officials at Cal would enable our students to participate fully in the student government experience without increasing their debt burden in the process.

Berkeley Student Foundation with an Expanded Impact: We seek to increase the number of awards made through our Berkeley Student Foundation, which offers need-based scholarships to students from underrepresented backgrounds as well as disabled students. The Foundation has made over 100 awards of $1,000 each since 2000.

Cal Lodge Improvements: The Cal Lodge which serves as a meeting space, retreat space, and training facility for students and the broader community is in dire need of capital and programmatic improvements. In addition, an internship leadership program integrated and run through the Cal Lodge would prove hugely beneficial for the nearly 200 students annually who serve as ASUC interns.

Global Outreach Initiative: There are nearly 40 student groups involved in global issues on the Berkeley campus. Through the ASUC, these students will be able to come together to gain knowledge about the unique challenges that they face as they seek to engage in the communities around them and affect change on a global scale.

Student Group Advising: Through an internship leadership program, interns will gain the resources and training they need to initiate their own projects. Special attention would be given to the area of publications, with a publications advisor designated to guide the ASUC’s over 40 award-winning magazines.

Sustainability Initiative: We seek matching funding for TGIF, the green initiative fund currently underwritten by a per-semester student fee that supports projects aimed at reducing the campus’ negative impact on the environment and making UC Berkeley more sustainable.


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Mark Lachman
Senior Development Officer
Campaign for Lower Sproul and Student Life
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