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A Plan to Renovate and Rebuild

The new Lower Sproul promises to capture a vision articulated by architect Vernon DeMars but never fully realized: the creation of a student center, such as those found at Harvard and Yale, where students congregate and thrive; where student life is esteemed and enhanced in a great tradition of higher education; where a large institution becomes intimate. As one campus leader said, “It will make big Berkeley small.”

Plans include:

  • Razing the seismically poor, eight-story Eshleman Hall and replacing it with a lower, longer, and more spacious building, with 20,000 additional square feet. Student leaders will work together in new, flexible spaces designed for collaboration. The Eshleman lobby will draw students and the community with new retail and dining venues.
  • Transforming the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union into a transparent glass pavilion presenting an active and open public face on all sides. A new two- story addition to the western and southern sections of the MLK student union will feature a “campus living room,” food service, and an indoor/outdoor performance space opening to the plaza.
  • Renovating the Cesar Chavez Student Center to include large lounges that open to dramatic views of redwood trees along Strawberry Creek.

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