DoS Marketing Menu of Services


  • Conduct adGoal Setting, Planning, Executing, & Evaluating
    We will name ambitious yet realistic goals, identify your desired audience, generate a roadmap, work together to execute our plan, and then evaluate our successes and shortcomings.
  • Messaging Strategies
    Finding the right tone, language, and media to communicate with your desired audience.
  • Ads (print & electronic)
    Finding the right way to deliver your message, as well as, balancing between cost and results.
  • Rebranding Campaigns
    Creating a new perception and relationship with your audience through a change in communications and visual messaging.
  • Program/Service Rollout
    Generating awareness of new programs or services through a targeted campaign tailored to your desired audience.
  • Giveaway Strategies
    Find the right solution to get you the most bang for you buck. How to get noticed in a sea of giveaways.
  • Analytics Evaluation

    Reviewing and evaluating your website analytics to discover how your audience is using your website and how to best serve them through information architecture restructuring. (google analytics installation is required for this service) 


  • Peace Corps WebsiteWebsite Creation
    The construction of the website from concept to launch. You provide the content and I will create an information architecture design and visual design with your audience's needs in mind.
  • Informational Architecture
    Finding the best way to present the content and messaging on your website. Includes menu design, visual navigation triggers (buttons, images…), and segmenting the copy into digestible length of content.
  • Web Accessories (bells & whistles)
    Adding animated slideshows, videos (that you have produced), your pdfs into an animated reader, embedding forms and external web applications.
  • Web Editing
    Basic maintenance that is beyond the usual CMS (content management system) edits. Adding menu items, news sections, "Give" fundraising buttons…


  • Berkeley Cares LogoDocument Design (Brochures, Annual Reports, Booklets, Programs….)
    You provide the content I will make it look pretty (or serious, or flashy, or interesting). I will design with your audience, goals, and budget in mind to provide the best publication for you to successfully communicate your message.
  • Poster/Flyer Design
    Designing attractive and engaging posters and flyers to generate interest, participation or excitement.
  • Logo Design
    Providing a visual badge for your department, program, event or service. Logos are very useful for successful branding, creating easy identification and generating exposure with your audience.
  • Giveaway Design
    Designing graphics/materials for giveaways that are unique and illustrative of your department or programs services message.
  • Photo Editing
    Cleaning up and resizing of images for web, print, or any other purpose.


  • BIZeBEARS logoProcess Mapping/Workflow Evaluation
    Helping you take a look at "how things are done" and try to identify new opportunities for efficiency and/or redundancies that exist.
  • Training/Teaching
    Generating training materials and presenting to small or large groups on how to use specific products or how to execute desired processes.
  • Facilitator
    Bringing a fresh outside look to obstacles or issues that are creating problems for a department or program. Problem solving through creative approaches is something that I enjoy.
  • Technical Liaison with SAIT or IST
    While I am not a technical expert I have some knowledge of capabilities and limitations of technology. I am happy to consult or discuss on technical solutions beyond the scope of my position.


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