Don't Cheat


Don't CheatIt isn't worth the risk!

Advances in technology have made it easier for faculty and GSIs to catch different types of academic misconduct that is occurring in the classroom. They are trained with many methods for catching those who cheat. At the Center for Student Conduct, we unfortunately handle a number of cases each semester involving students who allegedly:

  • Didn’t property cite and plagiarized papers
  • Cheated with others on exams
  • Hired website services that custom write papers
  • Collaborated on assignments when instructed not to do so
  • Copying or buying an unauthorized solutions manual to use for homework
  • Copying responses from old tests

The bottom line is that students are getting busted for cheating and plagiarizing and may end up with a mark on their transcript. So, if you haven’t prepared for Finals…GET STARTED!!


Try these options instead!

Campus Resources

  • Gold Council is a student leadership program designed to provide outreach presentations and programming to educate the campus community in regards to the Principles of Community and the Code of Student Conduct.  Interested in having Gold Council come talk to your organization or group?  Interested in learning how to serve as a Gold Council Ambassador?  Email  Follow us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events.
  • Honor Code is a student-driven document stating: “As a member of the UC Berkeley community, I act with honesty, integrity, and respect for others.”
  • The Library has an excellent online manual that approaches the issue from the standpoint of learning how to properly cite sources: Citation Styles, Style Guides, and Avoiding Plagiarism.