Mental Health Matters

Burn off stress
Burning off some energy and getting in tune with your body helps keeps you well-balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.
Get warm & fuzzy
The first Tuesday of every month during the academic year University Health Services coordinates a Pet Hug event to help students manage their stress.
Find your niche
Your relationships with others are key in your staying well. Join a student club and watch your Berkeley community grow.


The Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students (AVC/DOS) team is dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy balance while at Cal, including good mental health.

We as a team understand the Berkeley experience can be overwhelming, and that you may, at times, feel like you are the only one experiencing self-doubt, anxiety, or helplessness. Even the most successful students, celebrated academics, and accomplished student leaders have struggled.

I struggled at various stages of my own life. In this video, I wanted to share my personal experiences, and how I was able to persevere.

With the support of friends, family, and the campus community, all UC Berkeley students have the potential to succeed, to thrive, and to look back at their time here as the best time of their lives.

Whether you are faced with adjustment issues, depression, or anxiety, or are dealing with stress or time management problems that are affecting your academic performance, we want you to know that we are here to help — that you matter and that you are not alone.

The Dean of Students offices work collaboratively with campus partners to create an environment that supports and values your well-being. Because we believe that maintaining good mental health is crucial to your success, we have created this resource guide to help you find tools and support throughout your UC Berkeley career. Please use this guide and never hesitate to reach out for assistance.

We are all one Cal family and must take care of each other. If you believe a friend, fellow student, or colleague is struggling, please share this information and help him or her get assistance. You can also let us know so we can reach out and help.

Joseph D. Greenwell
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students


We're in this together

Wellness Toolkit (Care of University Health Services)