Dean's Certification

A dean’s certification form (or letter of good standing/dean’s appraisal) is a form asking for verification of your attendance and/or successful completion of your degree at UC Berkeley.  Although this form often requires a dean’s signature the form is completed by Cal Student Central (CSC) and not by the dean's office.  It is important that you request the completion of this form at least two weeks ahead of your deadline.  


Instructions for form completion if you ARE a currently registered student:

You can print your own Enrollment Verification online via Cal Central.


Instructions for form completion if you are NOT a currently registered student:

  • Student obtains Request for Letter of Good Standing / Dean's Appraisal form from CSC or The Registrar's Office.

  • Student completes the form. The student can either decide to have an official UC Berkeley Letter of Good Standing attached to the accompanying forms (if any) for free OR the student can select that they want the accompanying forms to be completed instead of the official UC Berkeley Letter of Good Standing (Special Processing Fee: $10 per form - make checks payable to UC Regents).

  • Student indicates how many letters they want (up to four letters per form).

  • Student completes the personal and attendance information portion of the form.

  • Student signs and dates form.

  • The student has four spaces to input addresses as to where the forms should be mailed to once they have been generated/completed. Student completes the addresses portion.

  • Student submits completed form(s) to CSC with form of payment if applicable. CSC verifies that all fields have been completed by the student and makes sure that all information is correct.

  • The form is then placed in the Office of the Registrar box at Cal Student Central if payment is attached.

  • Once OR receives the completed forms and payment (if applicable) the letter(s) are usually sent out within three to five business days or sooner.