Apr 8, 2021 - Berkeley Life Roundup: Data Breach, Fall 2021, Orange Tier, and General Inspiration

This message was sent to all undergraduate and graduate students on 04/08/21:


Dear undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students,

Just one more month until RRR (Reading, Review, and Recitation) week, and we’re already looking forward to fall semester. Chancellor Carol Christ reaffirmed UC Berkeley’s plans for mostly in-person classes for fall, and the City of Berkeley and Alameda County have moved to the less-restrictive orange tier. More details are in this Roundup, plus we added resources for you to investigate and bookmark. 

As we all know, the situation remains fluid. Plans may be adjusted according to campus guidance and public health conditions. We will share updates as we get them in future Roundup emails, including during summer months. 

Here are this month’s other key takeaways:
Commiseration and inspiration, that’s what we’re sharing for April. We know it has been a long, tough haul with COVID-19, and now we’re urging all students to sign up for free credit monitoring following a cyberattack. But, in keeping with our great campus legacy, UC Berkeley students found ways to rise above. They share their stories about living on campus during COVID-19 and about discovering themselves during this pandemic year (the good, the bad, and the cool). We also compiled student reviews of online events (below), to inspire you to explore all that our campus has to offer. We hope these student experiences light you up.

Health and Safety

Financial Safety

As the Chancellor informed us last week, the University of California is one of 300 organizations targeted by a nationwide cyberattack. Student confidential personal information (including social security numbers and bank account information) may be at risk, which could hurt your ability to get a credit card or car loan. If you have dependents (spouse/partner, children), their information may also be at risk. Protect yourself TODAY:

What We Know About Fall 2021

The key takeaway: The default mode of instruction for fall 2021 will be in-person with an exception for classes with enrollments of 200 or more students; these classes will continue to be delivered remotely. The fall 2021 Schedule of Classes and student enrollment appointment times will be available to view on Sunday, April 18, in CalCentral. Phase I enrollment appointments will begin on Monday, April 26. All Phase I enrollment appointments will begin prior to final exams and end on June 11. A fall 2021 Instruction FAQ will be shared by the Office of the Registrar via email in advance of enrollment. If you have questions you would like considered in the FAQ, submit your question now.

Effective April 1, 2021, campus surveillance testing requirements have changed for fully vaccinated faculty, staff, and students. You’re considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your final vaccine dose. 

Please see the Chancellor update and the Fall 2021 FAQs page for more details. 

What We Know About the Orange Tier

With cases of COVID-19 continuing to decline, the City of Berkeley and Alameda County moved to the less restrictive orange “moderate” tier of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Here’s what to expect: Limited in-person instruction is scheduled to resume; the Library will open study space at Moffitt (see below for more information); preapproved participatory activities will be allowed to resume.

Please note that the student conduct Temporary Provision is still in effect. The Temporary Provision prohibits student organizations from meeting or gathering in person on or off campus. The Temporary Provision is being updated to permit on-campus participatory activities that cannot be conducted virtually that are approved by this process. Unless your student organization has approval from this process (use the approval request form), student organizations are still prohibited from conducting any in-person activities on or off campus.

Looking forward, Recreational Sports hopes to be able to soon resume limited in-person operations at the Recreational Sports Facility. The Recovery Management Team is researching the possibility of resuming other activity as early as April 19, including expanded access to research spaces, increased density in labs, and permissions for initial in-person collaborative research activities across disciplines. Check Berkeley’s coronavirus webpage for updates.

Document Your Vaccination in eTang

If you got your vaccine(s) outside of University Health Services, you can upload your vaccine records in eTang as well as submit a declination form if declining to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Check out the UHS Vaccination webpage for comprehensive information about vaccination, including how to get a vaccination, eligibility, SHIP, and more. 

Showing Your Badge Just Got Easier

The UC Berkeley Mobile app has been updated to make it easier to comply with campus requirements with fewer prompts to sign in. Simply open the app and tap “Campus Access Badge,” which shows your compliance with all campus COVID-19 requirements in one place. For now, the testing badge is still available through eTang Portal but you’ll likely find that it’s much easier to use the app.

Video: Post-Vaccination Explained 

Even after you get vaccinated you're still expected to wear a mask, to socially distance, and to follow other precautions. Watch our student-produced "Post-vaccine Life Explained: Part 1" to see why that is. Spoiler alert: You may still be able to spread the virus even after you're vaccinated. 

Your Best COVID-19 Resources

We know you’re getting a lot thrown at you as the pandemic situation changes. We’ve compiled a list of resources for you to reference when you need them.

Student Affairs COVID-19 Toolkit - student-specific resources, including housing, financial aid, connecting with a community, email archives (including Berkeley Life Roundup)
UC Berkeley COVID-19 Campuswide  - the best place for campuswide news
University Health Services COVID-19 - vaccinations/testing, mental health support, health guidelines

Connecting and Community

Student Stories: The Good, Bad, and Cool of a Pandemic Year

In keeping with our great campus legacy, UC Berkeley students found ways to rise above the challenges of COVID-19. They share their experiences about living on campus during COVID-19 and about discovering themselves during this pandemic year (the good, the bad, and the cool).

Pulitzer Prizewinner Viet Thanh Nguyen Speaks April 22

Vietnamese-American author and Pulitzer Prizewinner Viet Thanh Nguyen is among the powerhouse speakers featured this month at The Berkeley Forum. All events are virtual, free, open to the public, and streamed through The Berkeley Forum’s Facebook page. The Berkeley Forum welcomes suggestions for future speakers.

Journeys Toward Justice: Multicollege Collaboration

The Mario Savio Social Justice Program, as part of a multicollege collaboration, is offering virtual sessions through April 23, which explore the local and historical contexts of social justice issues and community work across the nation. Sessions (connecting students, partners, and communities) run from 3 to 4:30 p.m. (Pacific time, unless otherwise noted). Please RSVP.

Get Involved with Berkeley Student Farms

Learn about Berkeley Farms through the eyes of three undergraduate volunteers who farm in student-run gardens across campus. A portion of the harvest goes to the campus food pantry.

Event Reviews You Can Use

Berkeley offers so much, and we don’t want you to miss out. From time to time we’ll share student reviews of events to give you an idea of the depth and breadth of offerings from concerts to lectures to social happenings. This month, check out Cal Performances Fighting Disinformation Series, Cal Performances Concerts, a Gender Equity Resource Center #MeToo Talk, and a Berkeley Forum University Health Care panel.

Living on Campus: Student Stories

What was it like to live on campus during the pandemic? Two students share their experiences about testing, socializing, and campus dining.

Resources and Support

2021/22 Financial Aid Verification

If you’ve been selected for Financial Aid Verification for next year, view the verification video to walk you through the process. Keep in mind that it can take the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office six to eight weeks to review your verification documents once you submit them. FASO cannot release your aid to pay your tuition, housing, or books until this review is complete. 

Sign up for Discovery Courses

Want to learn more about Physics and Music? Bio-inspired Design? Archaeology of Sex and Gender? No matter what your major, you can enroll and learn from the masters. Find out more, including how to sign up and one student’s experience, at Berkeley Life.

Study at Moffitt Library

Berkeley students can study at Moffitt Library via solo-study sessions. Reservations (for one, two, or three hours) are offered 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and can be made one week in advance. Be sure to schedule your COVID-19 test a couple of days before your study reservation date.

New Look for Letters and Science

Check out the College of Letters and Science newly designed website, featuring a simplified structure with a dedicated space for students and quick links to advising, L&S news, and events.

Flexible New Meal Plans

Eating smart now is easier with new meal plans by semester. Designed specifically for students living in off-campus housing, University-owned/affiliated apartments and graduate students, the plans offer value and flexibility, from a few meals per week up to five meals per week.

Honoring Beverly Cleary

Finally, you may have heard about the recent passing of famed author Beverly Cleary; did you know that she is a Berkeley alum? A hall in Unit 3 is named after her. You too are part of this renowned, resourceful, and resilient campus community...carry that knowledge within you throughout April. 

I wish you the best as we hit the homestretch of our semester and academic year. Roll on, you Bears!

Stephen C. Sutton, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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This message was sent to all undergraduate and graduate students.