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Violence Prevention Collaborative

About VPC

The Violence Prevention Collaborative (VPC) is comprised of students and staff from many departments, communities and organizations on campus. Our mission is to increase collaborative efforts, especially between students and the administration, to prevent violence in all of its forms on campus. Click here to see our current membership.

VPC meets routinely to collaborate on violence prevention programs and campus messaging in order for the UC Berkeley campus to have a joint philosophy pertaining to violence prevention. VPC utilizes bystander intervention and the public health model to address various forms of violence that include but are not limited to sexual violence, bias related incidents, micro-aggressions, bullying, physical harm, self-harm, and verbal abuse. Since its inception in 2014, VPC has collaboratively produced multiple violence and harm prevention initiatives and will continue to work on shifting the culture, providing education and learning opportunities, and empowering active bystanders within the Cal community.


2016-2017 Initiatives:

Social Norms Mini-Grant

VPC is collaborating with the PATH to Care Center to administer and evaluate the Social Norms Mini-Grant and provide ongoing support to campus grantees.

"Bears Got Your Back"

VPC is designing a community norms campaign, titled "Bears Got Your Back", aimed at encouraging individual interventions by highlighting and uplifting community protective behaviors--in other words, we want to put faces to how people look out for one another in order to promote positive support as a campus norm. The campaign is slated to be featured in Golden Bear Orientation (August 2017) and other campus publicity.


2014-2015 Initiative: It's On Us Campaign

In 2014-2015, VPC created and launched Berkeley's very own version of the national It's On Us campaign. VPC members looked to the Cal community for nominations of students, faculty, and staff to feature in the campaign. Students led the way in the creation of the posters and banners, including the photography and graphic design of 13 unique images.

The campaign launched in January 2015 with large lamp post banners across campus and hundreds of posters in dozens of buildings. Community members quickly took note of the captivating images and powerful messages, as covered in this Daily Cal article. The lamp post banners remained up until December 2015, and the posters are still prominitely displayed in buildings throughout campus.


For all 13 banners, visit our BTC FB page.