Center for Student Support and Intervention


Meet the Staff
Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives (VP&BII) is a program of the Office of the Dean of Students in the Division of Student Affairs. In addition to working closely with partners across campus, VP&BII has a committed staff of educators. Get to know more about the staff by reading their bios below.

Educational Coordinator:

Michelle Sou


Michelle is a 4th year studying Public Health. She is involved with the Kappa Gamma Delta sorority and is a Fung Fellow for Health and Wellness Technology. Working as part of the staff team, Michelle hopes to gain a lot of experience and knowledge from BTC and to work with an amazing small group of people to lead workshops across the campus. She also enjoys engaging with students on campus and ecouraging them to think critically about being active bystanders. During her free time, Michelle enjoys taking naps, cooking, and exploring Oakland and San Francisco with her friends. Fun fact! Michelle knows how to shave coconuts the traditional Southeast Asian way to make coconut milk, yum!


Peer Educators: 

Jeah Clemente

Jeah is a senior studying Integrative Biology with an emphasis in Human Health. On campus, Jeah is a resident assistant, a life guard, and a research assistant to the Full Lab at UCB and the Woolley Lab at UCSF. She has been part of BTC for three years, and her favorite part about her work is being able to communicate, impact, and learn from many different community members during BTC workshops. In Jeah's free time, she likes to spend time cooking with friends, watch movies, and go swimming. A fun fact about Jeah is that she enjoys nothing more than a night in with friends and putting on face masks to relax.


Min Young Kim


Min is a 2nd year studying nutritional sciences and education. She joined BTC after seeing Michelle give a workshop on a bystander intervention. Min hopes to gain both the knowledge and skills that we present during our workshops, but also to meet more people and make a positive impact on the campus culture by engaging the Cal community. In her free time, Min enjoys exploring SF, cooking, going to concerts, and trying new food places with her friends. Fun fact! Min has slept through a (false) fire alarm when she was little.



Emman Hamidi
Emman is a third year studying Rhetoric and Political Science. On campus, he is a resident assistant at Unit 1, and helps conduct research at the Boalt School of Law. Emman enjoys being a peer educator because he values gaining new insights and strategies on being a better active bystander. During his free time, Emman enjoys exploring the Bay Area in search of yummy food, catching up with old friends, and reading. Emman's fun fact is that he received "friendliest" and "teacher's pet" as superlatives in high school. 


Sophia Pashtunyar
Sophia is a 4th year studying Psychology and Social Welfare. She is a research assistant under UCB's Psychiology department, is the VP of Social Welfare Association for an organization called the Greater Good, is part of Kappa Gamma Delta sorority, and is a DeCal facilitator. As a returning peer educator, Sophia enjoys getting the opportunity to meet and work with peers to create learning opportunities during active bystander workshops. Outside of academics, Sophia enjoys traveling, kayaking, swimming, and painting. A fun fact about Sophia is that she was Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006. 

Hae Rang Park


Hae Rang is a 1st year majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. Hae Rang enjoys giving back to the community by mentoring middle schoolers through the Youth Support Program and by serving as the Director of Equity and Inclusion for Senator Juhnjhnuwala's office, and as an intern at Course Hero. As a peer educator, Hae Rang strives to educate not only her peers, but herself on what it means to be an active bystander. Hae Rang's favorite part of BTC is facilitating workshops with different student groups and promoting awareness of bystander intervention in the Berkeley community. When Hae Rang isn't studying for midterms or facilitating workshops, she enjoys exploring local cafes and restaurants, running, and shopping. Fun fact, Hae Rang has been Mezzo six times in one week (it's obviously her favorite restaurant). 



Audrey Sadra


Audrey is a 1st year intended Public Health major from Southern California. She is involved with the Kappa Gamma Delta sorority and mentors young students at Rosa Parks Elementary school. Working as part of the staff team, Audrey hopes to be a part of a greater cause to foster an inclusive and caring environment for Cal bears on campus. She particularly enjoys engaging with members of Greek life to educate and empower individuals to effectively intervene in potentially harmful situations that may arise. For fun, Audrey enjoys hiking, spending time with her family, and going to concerts in San Francisco.  In addition, she is apart of a large family at Cal; her twin is currently pre-Haas and her older sister attends the BOALT School of Law.



Bridget O’Brien


Bridget is a 3rd year and junior transfer majoring in Public Health from San Diego, California. She is involved with Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and works as a barista off campus. She loves being a part of Bears that CARE because of the inspirational team she gets to work with. She is passionate about educating fellow student groups on how to be an active bystander and creating a campus culture of consent. When she’s not peer educating, making coffee, or cramming for midterms, she loves watching stand up comedy, going to concerts, hiking, and spending time with her friends. Fun fact! Bridget wants to be a respiratory physician some day!