Center for Student Support and Intervention

Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives

Located in the Associate Vice Chancellor/Dean of Student’s Immediate Office, Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives (VP&BII) works to make campus safer for everyone by educating and empowering members of the Cal community to prevent harm and violence in all of its forms. With culture shift as its primary goal, VP&BII creates and delivers anti-violence educational materials and programs in collaboration with numerous departments and student organizations across multiple divisions on campus. The unit’s violence prevention efforts are rooted in a Public Health framework and treat all forms of violence and harm - including hazing, bullying, sexual violence and bias-related harm and violence - as community issues to which we must find community-based solutions.

The success of VP&BII is due in large part to strong collaborative relationships with other campus units such as the LEAD Center, Health Promotion at University Health Services, the Office of the Confidential Care Advocate, the Gender Equity Resource Center, Intercollegiate Athletics, and the Center for Student Conduct as well as on-going collaborative efforts with numerous student organizations.

The two primary components of VP&BII include Bears That Care (BTC) and the Violence Prevention Collaborative (VPC).