Assistant Dean Akirah Bradley developed this office to provide early intervention for at-risk students through collaboration with campus departments, faculty, and staff. The collaboration uses a framework of the Students of Concern Committee. Students exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical, and emotional well-being should be referred to the team of professionals working in this office.

Assistant Dean Bradley stays abreast of emerging best practices, participates in webinars/conferences, and has attained several certifications in specialized areas including: Campus Threat Management and Best Practices in Behavioral Risk Assessment. In 2013 Assistant Dean Bradley served as chair for the UC System Care Managers Committee and has hosted UC- systemwide full-day retreats for all Care Managers. She also has hosted a National Behavioral Intervention Teams Association (NABITA) regional conference at UC Berkeley. In addition, she secured funding for and subsequently hired Alfred Day, the office’s first Senior Case Manager, who has expertise with crisis management and intervention, as well as extensive experience in higher education and student affairs both within and outside of the UC system. Alfred Day has continued to build on the oustanding work already done in the area of assessment for the UC system’s Student of Concern Committees.  He also has certification in Campus Threat Management and Best Practices in Behavioral Risk Assessment. Day serves on the Communications Committee for the Higher Education Case Managers Association.