Credit Card Deposits


Policies & Procedures

To address consumer concerns over the compromise of credit card data, please keep in mind the following campus policies and procedures.


  • Credit card information must be handled in a secure manner, as a breach of credit card information has significant financial implications.
  • Campus departments should not record or store credit card information in spreadsheets, email correspondence, or other electronic applications
  • Credit card information in paper form should be secured and disposed of properly


For further information about credit card payments and compliance, visit the Billing & Payment Services Credit Card Merchants page and the Access Credit Card Data Security Compliance presentation.


Deposit Instructions

  1. Receive credit card information (NOT by email/fax) - strictly guard credit card information and destroy as soon as processed.
  2. Complete the Student Affairs Deposit Request form (PDF form fillable) and print out. (Do not store credit card information on the computer.)
  3. Submit the form to your cashiering unit for processing and deposit.


BusOps Center Contacts:

LHS: Deborah Martinez | | 510-642-2555

RSSP: Annie Donato | | 510-643-6955

SL/A&E: | 510-642-4062 | fax: 510-643-9201