Student Affairs Offices and Services

Last updates 02/01/21


Find information about services and support within the Division of Student Affairs for students, faculty, and staff. Please also see the campus coronavirus information page for more updates and the campus FAQ page for general questions.


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I have questions about... Office Contact
Health concerns University Health Services If you think you may be sick, and are not sure whether you need to come in, call the Nurse Advice Line (24/7) at 510-643-7197.
Financial aid Financial Aid and Scholarships Office Create a case online for any questions, like inquiries about emergency loans or impacts to your aid.
Instruction/Courses Office of the Registrar

See Service Adjustments on the Registrar website for the latest updates.

Housing Cal Housing

Dining halls Cal Dining
Basic needs
(housing or food security)
Basic Needs Center 510-859-7507
Basic Needs Center Guide to COVID-19
Undergraduate Admissions

Office of Undergraduate Admissions


University Village Albany

Residential Life at University Village


Mental Health

University Health Services - Counseling and Psychological Services


Counseling after-hours support line: 855-817-5667.


General questions

  • What if I have concerns about the coronavirus? University Health Services (UHS) has useful coronavirus information and an FAQ page about testing with details on how to stay healthy and what to do if you think you may be sick.
    • If you think you may be sick, and are not sure whether you need to come in, call the Nurse Advice Line (24/7) at 510-643-7197
  • What’s different? We are moving away from most in-person classes (please read communications from your instructors and the campus), canceling large gatherings, and rescheduling other gatherings, encouraging people to respect some social distance, and doing some meetings remotely. Please continue to read campus emails, and check the campus coronavirus information page
  • I'm hearing various rumors, are they true? We want to point out that some reports circulating in our community are mere rumors with no basis in fact. When sharing information with others we encourage students to rely on confirmed information from official sources such as campus emails and messages on the campus coronavirus information page. We realize that multiple conflicting reports can add to anxiety and distress - we are maintaining Counseling and Psychological Services appointments and walk-ins to the extent possible, and continue staffing our Primary Care clinics with behavioral health providers as we understand physical and behavioral symptoms can go hand-in-hand.


Cal Housing and Cal Dining Details

For specific information about housing, please visit our COVID-19 housing page. For dining updates please visit the Cal Dining information page. For University Village Albany updates, see the UVA FAQs.


University Health Services


Other campus well-being resources:

Please visit For help navigating our many resources, please contact:

  • What should I do if I have Basic Needs questions or need resources? 
  • The Basic Needs Center serves as a resource hub for undergraduate and graduate students who need support around their food, housing and financial needs. Services include case management, emergency housing, CalFresh and emergency food resources, as well as basic needs drop-in services. If you or someone you know is in immediate need of emergency food, housing or financial resources, please email or call 510-859-7507 (MON-FRI 9-6 PM) for immediate support. 
    • Will the Food Pantry be open? Yes, however note that Basic Needs Center is transitioning from a daily food pantry operation to a weekly operation. Basic Needs Center/Food Pantry COVID-19 updates are here:



More Student Affairs Details and Information


Campus Travel Guidelines

Please read the recent campus message with travel guidelines.


Technology Needs

The University wishes to ensure that all students have equitable access to the technology resources they need to support research, teaching, and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
If the technology resources you have available to you do not enable your effective participation in remote instruction or other academic work, please consider the following resources.

Please also see the new Off Campus Internet Access page, about providing the campus community with resources for free or reduced cost internet access when off campus.


Cal Dining

Please visit Cal Dining's COVID-19 information site for the latest updates.


Financial Aid and Scholarships Office 

If you have any financial aid-related questions, including about impacts to your financial aid, or  about emergency loans, please open a case online as soon as possible. 


Office of the Registrar  

For more details visit the Office of the Registrar website.


Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Please check back for further updates.


ASUC Student Union

Visit the ASUC Student Union website for details

The Amazon store in the Student Union remains open for pick-up and drop-off from 9 a.m.7 p.m. everyday.

Events: All events and meetings in the Student Union (including Anna Head Alumnae Hall and Anthony Hall) will be canceled or rescheduled as appropriate. Your event coordinator will be in touch with you as needed. Please reach out to your event coordinator if you have questions. 


Dean of Students Office

For updates, visit the Dean of Students website

Also, if you are looking for ways to give back to your community, get involved, or just looking for creative activities, visit the Dean of Students Give Back, Get Engaged During COVID-19.


Recreational Sports

In-person access to Rec Sports facilities, programs, and services will be suspended until further notice. We will review the new order to determine whether there will be any additional changes to our current operations and provide updates as needed. Rec Sports remains committed to staying connected with our members and the campus community. For the latest visit the Rec Sports updates website.

Rec Sports is offering a collection of free resources, virtual classes, and online videos to the UC Berkeley community. Visit to find something today.


LEAD Center

For the latest visit the LEAD center's info website. 


University Village Albany (UVA) details:

  • All private reservations of the Crossroads room are canceled. We will not be accepting reservations until the semester ends. We are making that decision so that our custodial team can focus their attention on our high-use areas, and so that we limit the number of large gatherings in our space.
  • With the exception of Village Office services that MUST be provided in person (move in, lockouts, etc), I request that you call at 510-526-8505. or email at You may also place work orders online at Our door will be locked, so please knock for service if you require in-person service. If you are not sure if you need to come in, please call first.
  • All evening sports and events at Community Center have been cancelled. Fitness classes, youth recreation classes, Afterschool University, BearBus and rentals will continue as of right now. ECEP remains open.
  • Our maintenance staff will continue to make service calls in response to maintenance requests. Please notify staff if any household member is ill at home, as we may ask to defer service for non-emergency situations. We have temporarily reduced staffing which limits our ability to complete all but the most urgent service calls quickly.
  • All scheduled in-person appointments with the UVA Social Services team (Zenaida Hernandez, LCSW and Jason Straussman, Social Work Fellow) will continue as scheduled unless otherwise specified. They are providing the option of phone appointments to those of you who already have established care with them. The exception to meeting in person is if you are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness. If you come to a session sick, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. At that time, they can also help direct you to any medical support that you might need. If you are a first-time client, they ask that you reschedule your in-person session once you have recovered. As always, they are available by phone for consultation or answering any questions as it relates to your care.
  • The Social Services team will not be holding Drop-In (Let's Talk) sessions until further notice. All in-person group meetings, Parent Cafes, and Play Dates are canceled.
  • For crisis concerns, CAPS will still have crisis drop-in at the Tang Center (3rd floor). You can call 510-642-9494 with any questions regarding that service.
  • For all UVA departments, please expect delayed service as we attempt to limit non-essential in-person contact and manage staff illness.


Cal 1 Card

Cal 1 Card has intentionally shut down the self-service check-in kiosks on the first floor to eliminate the risk-factor posed by the touch-screen interface. Instead, visitors will be manually signed in at our work stations as they arrive.

  • We have also reinstated eligibility for Cal 1 Card issuance to all registered students and active employees / affiliates irrespective of their essential personnel status.
  • Cal 1 Card career staff will be remotely Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays responding to email requests for Cal 1 Card assistance via and CalNet Tier 1 support services via until further notice.
  • The Cal 1 Card office will be providing in-person support services by appointment only via the online flex-appointment scheduler until further notice. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from making an online appointment ahead of time, please provide those details by emailing or calling our office main number 510-643-6839.
  • Cal 1 Card will be accepting debit card refunds upon request. We will waive our normal refund fee during the Coronavirus Pandemic until further notice. However, please note that your Cal 1 Card funds don't expire, and you may wish to consider keeping them for use upon return to the university. We typically only recommend refunds for those who are graduating or leaving the university permanently. Please note that due to limited staffing on campus, refund requests may take longer than usual to process.


Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP) 

For more details visit the ECEP website.