Spring 2021 FAQs

Please note that these FAQs are subject to change based on the evolving public health situation. For the latest, bookmark and revisit this site regularly, remember to pay attention to campus email communications with important information, and also visit the campus Coronavirus information site.

For more information on the February 2021 housing self-sequester, please visit the Cal Housing website.




What are the current instruction plans for the Spring 2021 semester?

Please see this recent message from Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ. We had to shift our instruction plans due to the recent regional stay at home order. Our hope is that beginning Feb. 1 we can resume offering outdoor instruction and add limited in-person, outdoor instructional activities beginning Feb. 16.


Will there be in-person classes for Spring 2021?

Beginning Monday, Feb. 1, we will be able to resume offering occasional outdoor instructional activities. These activities will be an expansion of the successful fall outdoor instructional pilot. On Tuesday, Feb. 16, we will begin to pilot a small number of in-person classes indoors. We will consider and select provisionally approved clinical, laboratory, studio, fieldwork, and other courses requiring specialized space for this pilot. If we can demonstrate that our mandatory testing program, color-coded badge system, and other protocols are successful in preventing an increase in infections compared to the community, we will then be able to explore offering additional classes indoors.


Will I need to be on-campus for classes in Spring 2021?

No. Students will not be required to take in-person classes or to be present on campus for the spring semester. Almost all academic offerings, including those with in-person instructional activities, will also be delivered remotely. For the small number of courses that will only be offered in person if public health conditions allow, departments are ensuring that other classes are available that can be substituted so that students can continue to make progress towards their degrees. Talk to your advisor for guidance. Students who require disability-related accommodations for classes, whether online or in-person, can contact the Disabled Students’ Program.


Can I live on campus in Spring 2021?

Yes - Cal Housing options will be available.

We recognize that many students don’t have a viable alternative to living in on-campus housing. For these students, we plan to continue to offer the option to live in our on-campus residence halls, apartment-style options for both undergraduates and graduates, and family housing (for those with spouses/partners, children or other dependents). Students who were given priority for on-campus housing in the fall will be given priority again in the spring.

Currently, our residential halls only offer single-occupancy rooms. We have the capacity to house additional students in single occupancy rooms and may evaluate the feasibility of increasing the density to allow for some double-occupancy rooms if public health conditions allow. In addition, we will continue to offer apartment-style housing and family housing with no change in capacity. We will provide more information as we get closer to the spring semester.
As noted above, all students living in residential halls will be required to be tested prior to move-in and adhere to a sequestration period of 7-10 days followed by additional mandatory regular testing. We will continue to reserve space for quarantine and isolation purposes.

Are there any changes to tuition and fees as a result of any changes from a “typical” year?

No. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction.