January 31, 2022 - Spring 2022 Campus Access Badge Reminders

Key Takeaways:

  • You’re required to get the COVID-19 booster as soon as you’re eligible. UHS has booster appointments this week, book on eTang.

  • On-campus: To enter inside services such as Cal Dining, Recreational Sports, and other indoor dining facilities on campus, at each visit, students and staff need to show:

    • Your campus access badge on your mobile device. Green means you are compliant) with all COVID-19 campus access requirements. Please note that for those with approved vaccine exemptions, the badge will only be green if you have been tested at a UCB surveillance site within the prior week (exempted if you had COVID within 90 days). Remember also to have your photo ID, such as your student ID (Cal 1 Card).

  • Off-campus: Expect to show proof of vaccination and photo ID if you plan to be inside at restaurants, entertainment venues, etc., in the cities of Berkeley and San Francisco.



Dear undergraduate, graduate, and professional students,


As we resume in-person instruction, we are reaching out to remind you of UC Berkeley’s guidance on the use of the campus access badge during the spring 2022 semester.


On-Campus Badge Locations

While on campus, you will need to show your campus access badge to enter indoor spaces including (but not limited to):


Recreational Sports:

To access Rec Sports facilities (including the RSF, Memorial Stadium Fitness Center and Golden Bear Rec Center), patrons will be required to show proof of vaccination at each visit to enter and use the facilities. This policy applies to all patrons 5 years and older, according to the City of Berkeley’s updated public health order.


Proof of vaccination for Rec Sports spaces can include

Face coverings are required at all times. The use of surgical, N95, KN95, KF94 is strongly recommended. More information about campus distribution centers for students, faculty and staff can be found on the EH&S website.


Cal Dining:

Currently, Cal Dining will continue to have to-go options only for the near future. When we are able to accommodate indoor options, patrons of our Cal Dining dining commons will be required to show their green campus access badge at each visit if they wish to enter and stay inside to eat. The Cal Dining website is the best resource for current information about dining services, and our precautions related to COVID-19.


For indoor dining (when available) you will need your campus access badge on your mobile device at each visit for Cal Dining, showing that you are fully compliant (“green”) with University of California COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Remember your Cal 1 Card or other photo ID as well! If a student does not have a green campus access badge, they will be able to obtain to-go food options.


Don’t forget to have your badge ready when entering indoor facilities on campus. Consider checking your badge status before you leave to help alleviate long lines and wait times while we check proof of vaccination for those entering certain facilities. Failure to provide this proof and ID may result in being denied services.


Off-Campus Badge Locations

Businesses in the City of Berkeley are enforcing proof of vaccination surrounding our campus. You should expect to be asked to show proof of vaccination and a photo ID if you plan to be inside at certain businesses, including, but not limited to, restaurants and other dining establishments, bars, clubs, theaters, and entertainment venues.

As a final reminder, you’re required to get the booster as soon as you’re eligible, and a list of requirements for campus access is on the UC Berkeley Coronavirus website. Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep our campus healthy.




Stephen C. Sutton, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


**UC Berkeley does not promise or assure that all attendees/patrons are vaccinated. Unvaccinated people could potentially be present at an event or in a facility as a result of exemptions, exceptions, fraudulent verification, or checker error.


This message was sent to all undergraduate and graduate students.