June 16: Update on Housing Policies re: State Restrictions Lifting

Dear students,

On June 15, the State of California announced a full reopening of the economy. This is such exciting news, as COVID-19 cases decrease and vaccination rates rise.

While State restrictions have been lifted, our priority continues to be preserving the safety of our community and we want to be very thoughtful about how we begin to loosen restrictions in our campus housing. We are currently working through logistics of how best to do this while keeping our communities healthy. We appreciate your patience as we slowly begin to change our policies and procedures.

In the meantime here is what you need to know now.

Students living in campus housing can now:

  • Comply with updated surveillance testing requirements. Students living in campus housing (residence halls and apartments) should now test weekly until fully vaccinated. Once fully vaccinated, no regular surveillance testing is necessary although we do plan on a randomized testing program in the near future. Make sure to upload your record to eTang if you got your vaccine outside of UHS.
  • Use lounge spaces if they reside in Martinez Commons, Manville, or Jackson buildings. Please note that these areas will have capacity limits (listed on the outside of each room). We will expect you to wear face coverings at all times while using these spaces.
  • Follow current local public health ordinances, when not on campus. Note that our Temporary Provision still requires students to wear face coverings when on-campus, in or outdoors.
  • Dine in-person at Cal Dining’s Crossroads Facility. Please note that Dining spaces are on a first come - first serve basis and students are required to wear a face covering at all times when not actively eating or drinking. To-go options also continue to be available at Crossroads and other dining locations.

Students living in campus housing are expected to continue to:

  • Wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth unless you are inside your room or apartment, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or eating.
  • Respect the needs of those in your residential household grouping (students sharing the same restroom as you), follow shared community expectations, and communicate with one another regularly. Use the University Health Services best practices as a guiding point.
  • Respect the Residential Code of Conduct no guest policy, which remains in place.
  • Frequently wash your hands.
  • If you are vaccinated, abide by UHS’s Fully Vaccinated Do’s and Don’ts for students living in congregate housing.



Anna Harte, MD
Medical Director
University Health Services

Glenn DeGuzman, Ed.D.
Director, Residential Life
Associate Dean of Students
Office of the Dean of Students

Heidi Scribner
Executive Director | Housing, Events and Facilities
Residential and Student Service Programs