Temporary Provisions of the Code of Student Conduct Revised

Dear undergraduate, graduate and professional students,

With the expansion of vaccine availability, the decline of COVID-19 cases, and plans across the State of California to lift many pandemic restrictions, we are informing students that effective June 15, 2021, the Temporary Provisions 102.28, set forth in the Code of Student Conduct that have been in place since fall 2020 are being revised.

If you were a student last year, you may recall these provisions prohibited student organizations from gathering in person on or off-campus. The revision of the Temporary Provisions lifts the prohibition on student organization gatherings and thereby permits student organizations to gather in-person, on or off-campus. However, the revised Temporary Provisions do require students to wear face coverings when on-campus, in or outdoors.


The campus is currently evaluating when the face covering requirement might be modified for vaccinated students, in light of CDC and California Department of Public Health guidance. We anticipate that face coverings and physical distancing may not generally be required for vaccinated students, and that those students who are vaccinated may gather with other students. However, the Temporary Provisions will remain in place until that guidance is revised (*see guidelines for student employees who may be coming to campus, at the end). Very large gatherings and events will have capacity limits or vaccination requirements. 

We will have more details soon with the various ways campus life will be shifting back to a “new normal” this fall. For the latest, you can continue to refer to the campus COVID-19 information site, including the return to campus site. In addition, please continue to monitor and read your Berkeley email address messages. 

As an additional reminder, the campus has recently announced that the University of California will move forward with a vaccine mandate. What this means for students at this time is that:


  • The effective date for policy compliance will be Wednesday, August 4, 2021, two weeks before the UC Berkeley fall term begins.
  • The policy will allow for narrow medical exemptions consistent with CDC guidance and manufacturer labeling on contraindications and precautions. As with other policies and, in accordance with relevant federal and California law, faculty, staff and students will also be eligible to request disability accommodations and exceptions based on religious belief. Additional information will be outlined broadly in the general implementation guidance and in detail in location-specific guidance by mid-July.
  • Those with approved exemptions or accommodations may return to campus with the requirement that they remain masked in all public settings and comply with the campus testing plan, which at a minimum will be weekly. 
  • If you received the vaccine at an off-campus vaccination site, you will need to upload a record of your vaccination to the secure eTang portal as soon as you have received your last dose and have a complete vaccination card. If you were vaccinated on campus, no further action is required.

*Student employees: Beginning June 16, we currently plan to allow employees who previously were working remotely to return to on-site work on a voluntary basis, subject to their supervisor and business unit’s approval. If you’re planning to work on-campus, please discuss with your supervisor and review the return to campus checklist for the important steps you need to take before and after your return.

Have a great summer, and we look forward to seeing you in August.




Stephen C. Sutton, Ed.D. (he/him/his)

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


Samuel Santos Jr.  (he/him/his)
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Engagement 

Office of the Dean of Students 


Becca Lopez (she/her/hers)

Assistant Dean of Students & Director

Center for Student Conduct 


This message was sent to all undergraduate and graduate students.