September 3, 2020 - Labor Day Weekend COVID-19 Safety Reminders

The Assistant Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students, Sunny Lee, and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Engagement, Samuel Santos, sent the following message to all undergraduate, graduate and professional school students on 09/03/20.


Congratulations on completing your first full week of an unprecedented fall semester at UC Berkeley! We know you are doing your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and we wish to recognize your efforts in helping our entire community. As we enter into the Labor Day weekend, we realize that some students may be tempted to celebrate with family and friends. Contract tracing has shown that Memorial Day and Fourth of July gatherings and even picnics have previously led to outbreaks across the country. In light of this, we wanted to offer some Dos and Don’ts to assist you in doing your part to prevent virus transmission:


  • Wear a facial covering when out in public or in shared spaces (face covering should cover your nose and mouth).
  • Practice physical distancing at all times (maintain at least 6 feet away from others outside your household whenever possible) even if you are wearing a facial covering.
  • Regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and use hand sanitizer before and after every touch of a shared surface (door knobs, etc).
  • Socialize only with your household members (student grouping in your residence hall, the people living in your apartment, or home).
  • Get some exercise outdoors where you can distance. Avoid areas that are crowded like beaches and picnic areas.
  • Sleep in (you deserve it!).
  • Connect with family and friends online or on the phone.
  • For students in the residential halls: abide by the No Guest Policy in the Residential Code of Conduct.
  • Accept the Keep Berkeley Healthy Pledge if you haven’t already.
  • Physically isolate yourself from others if you are feeling ill. 


  • In general, we advise not socializing with people outside of your household grouping.
  • Don’t throw or attend a party (even if you are outside and wearing face coverings). Reminder: Student organizations of any kind are prohibited from holding any in-person gathering, meeting, or activity, regardless of the location or size. Student organizations who violate the campus temporary provision, even when on private property, can be unrecognized and lose their privileges.
  • If you have symptoms (even if you think it’s just allergies or the smoke) or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, don’t go out. Stay home.

The City of Berkeley also has a list of tips ahead of this Labor Day weekend.

We realize the weather will be warm and inviting and that you are seeking community and connection. However, please remember that your health -- and that of those around you -- is far too important (this includes friends, family, and those who may be in vulnerable populations). If we all work together, we can play our part in helping to slow the spread. Thank you for all that you are doing to keep Berkeley healthy and have a wonderful and restful weekend!