April 29, 2020 - More ways to give back, get engaged during COVID-19

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Stephen C. Sutton, sent the following message to all undergraduate and graduate students on 04/29/20:​

A few weeks ago, we shared several ways you can choose to give back during COVID-19, as well as suggestions on how to stay engaged virtually with UC Berkeley while you’re physically distancing. We are following up today to share more options for getting involved.

Below are a few more examples of how you can give back:

  • Volunteer at a Local Food Bank: Many of our community’s food distribution centers are currently facing a high need, but have very few volunteers. In the East Bay, you can contact Berkeley Food NetworkBerkeley Food Pantry or Alameda County Community Food Bank. If you are currently out of the area, please visit Feeding America to find a food bank near you. 

  • Help the Homeless: The homeless are one of the most vulnerable populations facing COVID-19, and nonprofits such as Berkeley Food and Housing ProjectCatholic Charities of San Francisco, and Glide are in need of in-kind or monetary donations. You can donate as little as $5.

  • Adopt or Foster a Pet: COVID-19 has contributed to an increase in abandoned animals, so if you are an animal lover, you may want to consider taking in a furry friend to foster or adopt. Not only do animals offer companionship, but you could also be saving lives! The Humane Society of the United States offers tips for finding and supporting your local shelter or rescue. 

Below are some additional suggestions to help you stay connected (and please continue to visit the Dean of Students website for more ideas):

  • Listen to this Virtual Playlist from Cal Performances: As we continue to spend our time around fewer people in real life, Cal Performances encourages one and all to find the time—each and every day—for the performing arts and is leading “virtual journeys”—under the title Now More than Ever—specifically curated for UC Berkeley’s adventurous and eclectic audiences. And now, Executive and Artistic Director Jeremy Geffen has created a special edition tailor-made for Cal students, celebrating brilliant performers from the worlds of classical and world music, dance, and theater—a diverse selection that reflects the same depth and quality of programming on display each season at UC Berkeley. Spotlighting recordings of great artists past and present (as seen in YouTube clips), these communications serve as a reminder of the performing arts’ unsurpassed ability to express the power and potential of the human spirit—until, that is, we can share such moments together again, under the same roof. View the special student edition of Cal Performances’ Now More than Ever.

  • Get Fit With On-Demand Classes: In addition to RecSports Online live virtual classes, on-demand fitness classes are now available. University Village Albany (student family housing) has also added new fitness classes via Zoom; contact UVA Recreation for more information: uvrec@berkeley.edu

  • Take a Photoshop Class: If you’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop now is your chance! This free course administered by UC Berkeley Publications and Media Center will review the basics of digital imaging — from working with multiple images to customizing the Photoshop interface to suit your needs. You'll learn how to use different Photoshop tools to crop and retouch photos, while demonstrating the most efficient ways to perform common tasks, including masking and working with layers. No experience needed. To register for the one-time event at 1 p.m. May 1, check out their Facebook page. 

  • Learn About Careers in Sustainability: The Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) is hosting a Zoom meeting at 5 p.m. April 30 with different companies that focus on sustainability. If you are interested in potential careers in a variety of industries, please register for this special event. 

Please keep connecting with us Bears. We enjoy both hearing from you and about the great work you are doing in your communities.