April 10, 2020 - Guest Policy for Residential Halls During COVID-19

UC Berkeley Director of Residential Life, Glenn DeGuzman, and Associate Director of Residential Conduct & Community Standards, Amber Ulmer, sent the following message to all Res Life students 04/10/2020:


We appreciate your cooperation with our policies and consideration for your fellow residents and staff during this time. Almost all of you have been very mindful about the importance of physical distancing (also known as “social distancing”). The shelter-in-place orders have been extended until May 3, 2020, and it is more important than ever to follow these directives. 

As we shared previously, we are concerned that there are some students who are not following the shelter-in-place orders. We are still receiving reports of parties, gatherings, and other dangerous, disruptive, or prohibited behaviors. Please know that Residential Life will continue to document potential violations*. Our Residential Code of Conduct remains in effect, and conduct violations (including violating the shelter-in-place directives and having non-essential guests in your room/residence) can and will be investigated and adjudicated with Residential Life and the Center for Student Conduct

(*Note that this applies to our campus-operated residential halls - including the buildings themselves, the courtyards, as well as our Cal Dining facilities. These policies to not apply to off-campus or privately-owned spaces)

For first violations (except for serious incidents) our RAs will initially meet with the residents in question and discuss, and issue a warning as needed. However, for continued or egregious violations, if residents found to have violated our prohibitions (detailed here) could potentially face consequences that could reach disciplinary probation, or beyond. Our situation requires that we must enforce these policies to prevent virus transmission. 

If you are witnessing others not abiding by our policies or shelter-in-place directive, you may discretely inform a hall staff member, and they can follow up with any residents in violation. For more serious violations, you may also use the Center for Student Conduct’s Public Reporting Option

Guest Policy: Parties and Gatherings Prohibited

Only you and your roommate(s) may be in your immediate room/residence.
There are no guests allowed into your room/residence until further notice, unless the guest is providing an essential service such as moving your belongings, essential maintenance work, medical care or assistance for those with physical disabilities.

This is NOT a time for socializing. It’s critical that residents continue to follow physical  distancing practices even when in the halls. Keep 6 feet away from others at all times (aside from your immediate roommate(s) when you are in your room). We cannot stress enough that your health - and that of those around you - relies on all of us continuing to follow social distancing. 

If you leave your room to take a walk, do laundry, sit in a common room, or get food in the dining hall, maintain 6 feet between you and others at all times. If you are able to obtain and wear a cloth face covering or other face mask when in crowded spaces, please do so. You may see hired movers in the process of moving out other students’ belongings during this time as well. 

We realize this is a difficult time and you are seeking community and connection; however, your health and safety are too important. Connect with each other online or via phone during this time. 

Check out the Housing FAQ page for additional answers regarding our housing operations in light of COVID-19.

Be well and stay healthy.