April 2, 2020 - Update: Hiring our negotiated moving company - Preferred pricing option

UC Berkeley Student Affairs sent the following message to undergraduate and graduate students living in on-campus housing 04/02/2020:


We have an important update to answer a question many of you have asked about moving options:

Hiring our negotiated moving company: Preferred pricing option 

If you have already left campus for the semester but have not retrieved your belongings, or if you are planning to leave but you would prefer to have a moving company pack up your belongings, we have negotiated preferred pricing from a UC-approved moving company.

Your student account will be charged a packaged price of $400 which includes: moving company to pack up your belongings, move them out of on-campus housing, and store them until August 27, 2020. Stored items not picked up from the storage location by August 27, 2020, may be subject to additional charges. Additional charges may also apply for excessive amounts of items that require additional labor/materials. To apply for this service, please submit this form. A signed waiver of liability/damage will be required prior to finalization of agreement and billing. Offer available until April 10.

For the latest information, please continue to review our Housing FAQs, and the campus COVD-19 news site.