March 17, 2020 - Second Res Life message to residents - move-out

UC Berkeley Residential Life, Residential and Student Service Programs, & Cal Housing sent the following message to students living in on-campus housing 03/17/2020:


As a reminder, our residential and dining facilities will remain open for any student who chooses to remain on-campus. You may continue in your current housing contract and move out as scheduled (for undergraduate student housing that is May 17, 2020; you may also inquire about summer housing if you would like to stay over the summer).

For students who choose to move out, below are some additional details. Important reminder: you must submit the appropriate form (undergraduate housing cancellation form, UVA Intent to Vacate form, single graduate student Intent to Vacate form) and set an appropriate cancellation date (April 1, 10 or 20 for undergraduate student housing or selected date for graduate and student family housing) to receive a refund. Simply moving out of housing will not meet the criteria. Find details at

Special notes:

  • The processes described in this email may be different for certain apartment housing such as Panoramic Berkeley or Garden Village so if you are in an affiliated property, it may be best to check with your building’s specific guidelines. For those residents at Blackwell Hall, please note to also connect with your building’s administrative office.

  • “Off-campus” (optional) Cal Dining meal plans you may have purchased are not automatically canceled when you cancel your housing contract. For more information on how to cancel your non-resident meal plans see the meal plan details in our FAQs

Update: Can I cancel my on-campus meal plan?

Students who choose to move out of on-campus housing and cancel their housing contract will automatically get a prorated refund of their Blue, Gold, or Ultimate dining meal plan. Students with add on Flex Dollars can request a refund by filling out a form (please provide a lease cancellation or travel documentation) and they will be reimbursed the remaining balance of Flex Dollars minus a prorated amount of the free bonus Flex Dollars. 

Update: How much money will be refunded?
If you live in on-campus undergraduate housing and choose to end your contract, you will receive one full installment refund along with a partial installment refund based on your exact cancellation date - April 1, April 10, or April 20. 

  • April 1 = 2 installments (40% refund of spring charges)

  • April 10 = 1 installment + a prorated installment (33% refund of spring charges)

  • April 20 = 1 installment + a prorated installment (24% refund of spring charges) 

For reference, there are 10 installments for the year (five in the Fall, five in the Spring). You can see all of the installments in CalCentral under "My Finances," "Billing Summary." Your decision to stay or move out will not affect your financial aid package.

How do I check out if I’m leaving after the front desk is closed? 

Please return your keys via our after-hours process of placing them in a check out envelope (available at the front desk), fill out the information and then place the envelope in the designated drop area. Make sure you have also submitted a contract cancellation form to Cal Housing in advance of your move out as we require both a form and your keys in order to be able to credit your account for housing charges. 

I left campus and live out of the area so I cannot return to pack my room. Can I have a friend or family member do that for me? 

Arrangements for another person to pick up your belongings must be made in advance through the front desk at your housing unit. You will be required to put the request in writing using your email account of record, include all roommates on the communication as they may still be at the campus or returning so must be aware of the room being entered, set up an appointment time and provide the name/relationship of the person you are authorizing to retrieve your belongings. Appointment times are limited (typically 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) and all non-residents must be escorted by housing staff. You are also responsible for all moving supplies. Keys must be returned to the front desk upon move out so plan accordingly to ensure their return. If you need mailing addresses for the front desks, should you wish to mail keys to us, please call your front desk listed toward the bottom of our Move-Out website for details. We are not responsible for any keys not received so we encourage you to use tracking if mailing keys.

Do you have a moving service or storage company I can use?

Due to a large number of movers and storage in the area, we are not able to recommend any specific companies but encourage you to do some research when looking for one. As movers are an outside entity, a similar process will apply as noted above (prior arrangements, specific details, roommate notification, scheduled time, escorted) so please contact your unit front desk well in advance to be sure we are able to assist you. Any moving or storage company that just shows up and requests access to a room without prior approval and appointment time will be turned away. 

Can I leave my belongings in my room and return to campus later in April or May to pick them up? 

Your housing contract runs until May 17, 2020 (for single student undergraduates) so unless you take action to cancel, you may leave your belongings until then but will not receive any housing refund or proration.
However, as we may need to consolidate students into certain housing buildings in order to be able to deliver services and create a safer community, it is possible that at some future point access to your items may become temporarily restricted, so you are encouraged to contact your unit front desk to notify us of your plans and discuss options. However, please note that we have no consolidation efforts planned at this time - we are simply being mindful of future solutions we may need to find to serve students remaining in campus housing. 

Please also be mindful that any items remaining in your room at the end of your contract may result in a cleaning fee and possibly disposal of left-behind items. We truly wish to avoid this, so please remember to take all your belongings by the end of your contract. Do note that failure to remove the items from your room upon the end of your contract may result in a cleaning fee and disposal of all belongings left behind. 

What if I’m not returning to campus and no longer want the items I left behind?

In order to qualify for a housing refund or pro-ration, you must submit a housing cancellation form selecting from one of the three dates noted as well as return your keys to the front desk. In order for Cal Housing to better process your cancellation, please contact your housing area front desk to notify us of your plans. Note that any items remaining in the room once all roommates have left for the semester will be disposed of and a cleaning fee - which may be significant depending on the volume of left-behind items - may apply. We truly wish to avoid this, so please remember to take all your belongings by the end of your contract. 

I submitted a housing cancellation form, but have not gotten a response. How should I proceed?

Due to the large volume of email and phone calls, Cal Housing is experiencing a longer than usual response time. If you have submitted your form, please proceed through the check out process by removing your belongings and returning your keys. We will cross-reference submitted cancellations to our check out list and then process refunds/pro-rations.