Build Belonging & Community Today

Last updated 09/28/20


Discover ways to stay connected to the Berkeley community on campus, online, at home—anywhere!


How can I find community in virtual spaces?


Discover Community

  • Connect to student groups, events, and news with CAL Link, the online central hub for registered student organizations at Berkeley, including clubs, fraternities & sororities, and student government.
  • Newly admitted students can connect with other new students and learn about Berkeley with Golden Bear Orientation
  • Enroll in Berkeley Connect, where graduate students mentor undergraduates with common interests; meet professors and fellow students from your major, too.
  • Find support meeting the needs of dependent care responsibilities through Caring for Families, with programs and resources for students, staff, and academic appointees affiliated with Berkeley. 
  • For Berkeley employees, discover career opportunities and support on your professional journey from People and Culture.


Foster Community

  • Explore ways to get involved with and have a positive impact in your community with the Student Toolkit from the Public Service Center.
  • Become a mentor or mentee with NavCal (Navigating Berkeley), where current students coach incoming students with experiences to help them adjust to higher education at Berkeley.
  • Volunteer to mentor high school students applying to Berkeley with Nav2Cal (Navigating to California).  
  • The Berkeley CareBubbles parent-to-parent resource can help you find fellow UC Berkeley community members looking to trade childcare, share tutors, create bubbles, and more.


How do I engage in a digital community?


Digital Presence 


Instructional Tools and Support

  • Keep Teaching from Research, Teaching and Learning Services (RTL) helps keep your teaching moving forward with new approaches, effective strategies and resources, and best practices to support remote learning.
  • Design community-based courses with the Faculty Toolkit, a guide for faculty, lecturers, graduate students, staff and DeCal instructors interested in developing community partnerships and engaging public scholarship.
  • The Teaching in Troubled Times series includes past and ongoing dialogues about some of the most pressing social and political questions that arise in student life and in classrooms at Berkeley.


Engagement in Remote Education

Explore extensive resources from the Public Service Center about Engaged Learning in a Virtual Environment:


How can I shape and grow a community I lead?


Leading Community


Supporting Students

  • For Advisers, see the Advising Matters website to access resources that support student assessment, achievement, progress, retention, growth, wellness, connectedness, and ultimately completion.
  • For Graduate Student Instructors, the GSI Remote Teaching Hub provides a curated set of training guides on remote instruction tools, best practices created by GSIs, support options for GSIs, and relevant campus policies and resources.
  • Help create and implement a plan to prevent sexual harassment within your academic community with the Path to Care Center: Preventing SVSH toolkit.


How can I connect on social media?


Follow Online 

  • Are you in a Res Hall? Res Life staff will organize two community meetings a semester with students (at the beginning and at the end, both planned to be virtual this semester) and ongoing virtual programming throughout the fall semester. Students can stay up to date on program offerings through the Res Life Instagram or newsletter. 
  • Are You an Undergrad Student? Learn about resources through the Berkeley Life Instagram.
  • Are You a Grad Student? Follow the Grad Division Facebook, Grad Div Instagram, and Grad Div Twitter for updates and information about opportunities in the community.
  • All students can also join the Student Affairs Cast for opportunities to share your stories and Berkeley experiences to your fellow students. 

Please keep connecting with us and with each other, Bears!