Work as a Team





Work Together as a Team/Family


Creating and sustaining a cohesive, dedicated team is an important part of any manager’s job.  Creating the conditions for a team to thrive is essential to achieving organizational objectives. Highly functioning teams embrace and demonstrate the fundamental components of our culture—trust, pride, and community.   They leverage individuals' strengths and foster partnerships, both internally and externally.   They consistently deliver high quality work and have a real sense of camaraderie amongst the team.


Great teams don’t just happen, they develop over time.  As a manager, you are instrumental in developing great teams.  How?  First, you have to be a ‘team player’ yourself. You understand that a group of people is much more likely to come up with a viable solution to a problem than one or two individuals.  You are a role model and help facilitate connections within the group by purposefully seeking others' views and opinions, you manage meetings so that everyone is heard, and you provide meaningful recognition to every member of the team.


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