Communication with Transparency and Integrity



Skillbuilder 2: Mindfulness

One of the hardest things about communicating with transparency is managing emotions: both yours, and others. Mindfulness is a skill we can build to be more aware of our thoughts and feelings, helping us to avoid being surprised by or reactive to our emotions in tough situations. Learn more about mindfulness as a practice.


Here’s a mindfulness skillbuilder you can practice this week:


  1. Check in with yourself regularly. What are you feeling? Name your emotions, and be descriptive about the physical sensations that accompany them.

  2. As you’re reacting, pay attention to what stimuli produce the most intense reactions. Is it when everyone’s eyes are on you? Or when it feels like your staff are questioning you? This is a trigger.

  3. Examine your trigger(s). What is the story you tell about why that affects you? What assumptions might you be making that are leading to your response? What personal values are at stake when you experience your trigger?

  4. What’s an alternative story you could tell to be more in control of your emotions? For example: if you get nervous when everyone’s eyes are on you:

Old Story

Mindful Story

“Everyone’s watching to see if I screw up! They’re all judging me!”

“Everyone wants to know what I have to say. They want me to be successful.”



  1. Go back to step one and make a note of the physical sensations that accompany your biggest triggers, and use those as reminders to switch to your mindful story.


By developing your ability to stay in control of your emotions (not conquer or eliminate them! just to be proactive rather than reactive), you can be more confident in your ability to communicate effectively even when you’re sharing tough, controversial news.


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